Sunday, 10 May 2009

Sort of sewing

Alterations are not sewing. Mending is not sewing. I frequently tell my family these things, but they do not seem entirely convinced. Today I did some alterations, and when I gave the result to my younger daughter she said "Aren't you going to take photographs?" I guess blogging has become a big part of my hobby!
Here she is in an entirely daughter driven project.


Having just finished the SWAP, I did a little sorting in my wardrobe. I cut off the buttons from this coat, and was just about to throw it in the bin, as I considered it far too worn for Lifeline, when she stopped me. "You can't throw that out, I want it". I remonstrated with her - holes in the hem and cuffs, out-dated boxy style, at least 16 years old as I used to wear it when I lived in Sydney...nothing worked.
The fabric is not bad - pure wool, heavy knit, then semi-felted, so there is still a little stretch but the fabric is quite firm. It is unlined. I cut off the sleeves, then trimmed the side seams from a rectangular to A-line shape which allowed me to trim the shoulders and cut a higher armhole. I narrowed the sleeves, set them in again, turned up the hem, then turned my attention to the cuffs. These were the worst part. I cut them off completely, then faced the new sleeve edge with some tracksuit fleece of about the same weight. Fortunately I had a red scrap lying around. I did need to darn one small hole in the under sleeve. Then I sewed the buttons back on, maybe an hour of work.(Work, not sewing!)
She is very pleased with the jacket, and although I think it looks a bit odd with the pockets so low, I have given in. The peculiar thing to me, is that she is very fussy about her clothes. I cannot make anything she will wear unless she chooses every aspect of the pattern and fabric, and she refuses to wear most of her sister's out grown clothes. I would not have expected her to want my worn out coat!
My other alterations were my idea, but my older daughter is quite pleased. This is a completely unworn pair of trousers that I bought some time prior to my final decision in January 08 to make all my own pants as I was so tired of altering them. I bought them in order to alter them for myself, but it was much easier to alter them for my daughter. I chopped off the side seams, unpicked the waistband for 2cm on either side, sewed up the seams in a skinnier fashion, then reattached the waistband - Easy, but making her the BWOF pants was much more satisfying.

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ACorgiHouse said...

Much as you didn't like it, I think the red coat is sweet, and I love that she wanted a photo! It's a good recycling job, and shows she's got the family creativity going. I like! K

gwensews said...

Well, alterations I think actually is sewing, but proably doesn't satisfy the creativity need. You made your daughter happy--what can be better than that?

Anonymous said...

There are alterations, and then there are alterations. Shortening pants hems is one thing. Taking apart a whole coat, cutting the body shape anew and therefore doing major adjustments to sleeves (at armscye AND cuffs) might technically be called alteration, but really is sewing. Sewing from recycled fabric. You did a wonderful job with that coat and made me remember my "opera dress" my mother made me from an old dress of her own (she had a friend working at the opera and got those afternoon last-rehearsal tickets often and would go there with me when I was about 4-6 years old). I loved it and my niece later loved it too! So I guess your work is well invested and pictures for the blog more than appropriate!
BTW, I can understand that sewing the BWoF pants for your daughter fun more fun than altering the RTW pants - the outcome just is better! You are such a skilled sewer...

Sew Passionista said...

That coat is really cute on your also cute daughter. What a nice Mom you are.