Tuesday, 2 June 2009

BWOF 05-2009-137 Children's trousers

I had grand plans to participate in RuthieK's Wardrobe in a Week challenge at Stitchers Guild. During the preparation phase, I cut out 2 pairs of trousers and one pair of shorts from BWOF 05-2009-137, planning to clothe my son for cooler weather.
Today, only 5 days after the finish line, I finished sewing the first of these trousers. The BWOF version has back patch pockets, front jean style pockets with a coin pocket, an elastic back waistband and a front fly zip. I would show you a technical drawing, but the May BWOF archive is not up yet.
I added extra pockets over the side seams, added a few carpenter loops, left off the coin pocket,embellished with a chain embroidery stitch from my Janome and made size 104 for width, 110 for height for my 114cm tall son. The pants were still a little too wide, but 104 is the smallest size, and I was feeling rather lazy about scaling down.

The fabric was a gift from a friend of my mother whom is no longer sewing. This lady sent me about 4 metres of cotton canvas camo print, 4 metres of cotton knit camo print and some khaki ribbing. I had no immediate plans to use this, camo not being my print of choice, but my son caught one glimpse of the fabric and begged me for "army pants" with "lots of pockets". I had no idea he wanted army pants, but apparently these are the height of fashion for 6 year old boys.
Naturally, given that I was making a sought after garment, I expected some great photos.
Here is a view of the back pockets with chain machine embroidery. You can sort of see the added bellows pockets and ruler pocket on the sides.

However, when the child in question was actually asked to face the camera, there were a lot of views like this.
I do not think he should consider a career as a model.


gwensews said...

Cute pants! Love the details and the cami fabric!

wendy said...

Awww, I love that last picture. Might be frustrating for the photographer, but it's cute!!

The pants came out adorable, very nice :-)

MaryPat R said...

I agree with Wendy- that last photo is SO cute. What a monkey.
My 11 year old still likes everything "army". I have plans to make some very similar shorts for him for our upcoming summer- camo with lots of pockets.

Uta said...

Great pants! Yes, it's sometimes surprising getting into a child's mind regarding fashion/clothes. Let's hope my 5 yo son doesn't see this, I have a feeling he'd like some camo pants himself (and I don't have the fabric!).

Deb said...

These boys pants are fantastic. Don't you wish it was as easy to sew a great fitting pair of pants for yourself, or is that just me?

I used to sew a lot of kids clothes from Topkids patterns but I don't know if I still have them or not. I haven't made kids clothes for a while now but with a tall and rather skinny 3yo I think I better go hunt them down.

It's a shame the older boys (two are teens and one is close to being a teen) don't appreciate custom made clothing any more.