Thursday, 13 August 2009

Burda 3098 Cargo Pants and getting rid of fabric I don't like

I cannot remember who asked on her blog a little while ago what people do with gifted fabrics and patterns, but I have a fairly generous assortment of these, and they are a bit of a burden to me, because often, they are not something I would choose (or anyone else would chose, which is why people throw them out to me!). I am getting better at removing the nasty polyesters before they hit the stash. However, mostly I keep them in my cupboard until I can take them to an op shop. I am unable to throw them out due to a frugal (parsimonious) Scottish ancestry (this does not affect my purchase of new fabric for some reason), but occasionally I can get them out into the real world in a useful fashion.

Here is the last of the June sewing other than some alterations, which do not count. I will try to catch up with my reporting, but don't hold your breath.
These are getting dirty pants. I made them for my daughter to wear to school camp, and they coped very well with abseiling, "high ropes", hiking etc etc. She has also been wearing them every weekend, and even to a sleepover party where the main event was 20 odd teenagers playing spotlight all over a farm. Fortunately she did not break her leg.

The pattern is deep stash. A friend of mine gave me a great pile of patterns and fabrics when she was moving house. These were not horrid polyesters like the gifts from my mother's quilting friends, they were a true treasure. I distinctly remember making this dress

from a gorgeous piece of velvet in the pile, and that would be, 5 years ago. I am sure the pattern was not new when she gave it to me, so we are just not stylish at our house, because I think these are just fine for going to camp cargo pants, and so does my daughter.

However, even I can see that the front pocket treatment is not current. It looks kind of 90's to me. If I made these pants again I would do something different with the front pockets. I have reviewed the pattern here. The fabric is more of the camoflauge cotton canvas that was a gift from a friend of my mother. You may remember it from the pants I made my son earlier in June. I really don't like this fabric but all 3 children think it is terrific. Eventually I will make shorts for daughter the second from the remainder, then it will be out of my cupboard. Maybe then I will have room for that silk chiffon for the August Burda......maybe I should throw out some of the rubbish I have been keeping in case someone needs a dress-up outfit or a costume.


Carol said...

I love the pants and it just goes to show how not aware of fashion I am. I don't even know what 90's fashion looks like, so there's no way I would think the pocket treatment is not current. Now you have me wondering what people think of the things I wear!

gwensews said...

I love cargo pants. Nice job!

wendy said...

ooh, which august burda piece are you thinking of making? :-)

i don't think the pants look too 90s... still see lots of people walking around here in cargo pants. yours look so well made!

Linda T said...

Great pants for your daughter; and what makes them even better is that she loves them!