Thursday, 10 September 2009

Jalie 2795

More prosaic sewing. I was hoping my next post would be about the fabulous shirt I sewed for my husband, but he is curiously reluctant to be photographed, and I really don't want him to develop a dislike of the shirt, so have (almost) stopped mentioning my quest for a model shot.

This polar fleece top (Polartech 200) is my second version of Jalie 2795. I made the first version in June for my daughter, and was very pleased with her jacket. Unfortunately for me, the same pattern does not do me any favours.
I did not make a toile, as I do not find this useful in stretch fabrics unless I am not sure how the pattern will fit together, so I guess this jacket is really a toile- just as well!

The fit is poor on me. I cut out size V, one size larger than my measurements indicate. The jacket I made for my daughter was close fitting and I prefer a little more ease.

The jacket was too long in the arms for both my daughter and I, which I fixed, but on me, the jacket is also too small in the bust, too large in the waist, and has a finishing length emphasizing my largest girth.

I find this garment very unflattering. However, I made it to wear camping, and found it very warm and practical two weekends in a row, so I am not entirely unhappy with my work.
I added an internal pocket, with an inset zip, which worked well, and covered the inside of the front zipper tape with bias binding made from a cotton print.

I will probably make this garment for myself again next winter, and now I can refer back to this post and attempt to make a more flattering shaped garment to wear out in the bush. I will make one more of these jackets this year. My daughter has already out grown the jacket I made in June, and will need a new warm jacket to wear in the evenings in Sydney during her October visit to her grandparents.

- Sharon, I buy polartech and Gortex from Seattle Fabrics, as I have not been able to source these fabrics in Australia. Their website postage calculator does not work for Australia, giving an astronomical total at check out, but in my 8 year or so purchase history, they have always charged me the postage on the packet, + around $5-8 handling fee, and I am happy with their service.

On a less prosaic note, I have returned to the mojo killing project that stopped my sewing back in July. It was so bad, that I did not even write a post about it, but things seem to be recovering nicely, fingers crossed! Here is a sneak peek.


Patricia said...

It really doesn't look as bad as you say in the pictures. I wasn't sure if it was you or one of your girls before I read the post.
Yes, I am one of those people who looks at the pictures before reading.

katherine h said...

Oh, I don't think it is unflattering...perhaps your critical eye is working overtime. The colour is gorgeous and we don't notice that it sits at your widest point (which is enviably more in proportion than my widest point) because of the wide legged pants. Sure, the fit is not perfect, but take a look at the rest of the world...we sewers can be un-necessarily critical we it comes to fit. I don't think you need to save this one just for the bush.

Sharon said...

It looks so much better on you than on some others I have seen that purchase RTW LOL.

Thank you for the link for the polartech, I will check this out.

Carol said...

I don't think this is unflattering at all. Like you've already said, next winter you'll make another and it will be perfect! Thanks for the polartech info, too. I've been looking for some, with no luck.

Gail said...

Polar fleece is one of those fabrics that perhaps shouldn't be worn by over 30 kilos. But you look fine and the garment is well made. Just don't make the matching trackies! Your smocking is amazing, what was the problem?

gwensews said...

I don't think the jacket looks bad on you at all. If it's comfortable enough, you can wear it without reservations.