Saturday, 12 September 2009

The woes of BWOF 12-2008-130, and distractions

Thank you to the kind people who assured me that RTW polar fleece jackets are worse than mine. I now realize that I have become a fit snob. I don't think I can change this development, and unfortunately it is interfering with my sewing. It is just as well that I have a whole family for whom I can sew.

asked me what went wrong with the mojo killing project. It was fitting. Are you surprised? I am disproportionately discouraged by fitting failures.
Here are some photographs of the second toile,of BWOF 2008-12-130, after adjusting. Giggling is allowed in the privacy of your own home.

This is where I had a little rest from sewing for myself (that was in July). Little rest sounds better than gave up :)
This week I returned to the project. I had already re-drawn the pieces for the skirt, the front bodice with the new huge horizontal dart and avoided the terrible fitting back bodice by converting the nifty cross over back to a regular centre back fastening. Cutting out, I could manage. I had a lovely time smocking the insert, and on constructing the dress today, was moderately happy with the silhouette from the front,

but from the side!!!!

Rolling around on the floor laughing is allowed in the privacy of your home :)).
Looking again at the magazine photo, I think this may be a design characteristic, the gathered front looks rather droopy on the model, who, being a model, has no bust. Hmmm, back to knitting socks I think.

The socks fit very nicely thank you.


kiltsnquilts said...

It is a shame that your dress isn't right - but I really want to say that you have a great figure!!

Don't give up, keep trying, you will find a style and fit that is right for you :-)

Sue said...

It looks great from the front - any chance of fixing the side view? Socks do fit good!

Tina said...

Beautiful socks, Karen! I love that self-patterning sock wool too.

Shannon said...

Don't you just hate when that happens?? You work hard on something and all that hard work doesn't pay off!

The front view is quite nice though, so maybe the side view can be tweaked?

Carol said...

I like this dress on you and I agree that you have a lovely figure and this dress really flatters you. Smaller chested women like me would love to have a side view like yours!

katherine h said...

No giggling here...I think fitting is the hardest part of sewing and I feel all your fitting pain. Hang in there though, because one of the main we reasons we sew is that buying clothes to fit is even harder.

a little sewing on the side said...

Don't give up! I know exactly how you feel. Fitting is still a big challenge for me, too.

And your jacket, I didn't notice any flaws until you pointed them out. It's part of our nature to constantly strive for more :)

Carol said...

The red double knit came from Gorgeous Fabrics and is called Designer Rayon Doubleknit Come Hither Red. I have a feeling it is a Donna Karan fabric, but I can't remember where I got that idea. It was lovely to work with and you could stash it away ready for next winter!

MareeAlison said...

Karen I can't get woven styles to fit either so I commiserate wholeheartedly. Perhaps if you could find a sewing buddy to help you with the fitting that would help. Not easy to do though I know. I love your comment about giggling by the way. I'm sorry but I did - just a little.

BeeBee said...

Wow, that does give you - as my mother would have said - quit the bosom! I read ahead and your fix is much better. Pretty dress, makes me want to pull out December's issue. The smocking is really nice. Glad you were able to fix it.