Monday, 9 November 2009

Sewing distractions

I was all set to sew with my Japanese fabric this weekend. In fact, I sewed a practice dress to almost completion during the week. On Saturday, I actually cleared off the entire dining table in order to cut out my fabric somewhere other than the floor. This is a very unusual occurence. I not only cut out the dress, and lining (cotton voile), but marked all the darts with tailor tacks. Then I made gorgeous purple piping from a luscious silk/cotton. I was about to clear the rather large remnants from the table when I thought the remaining fabric pieces were ideally suited to the making of a pursible or two.
I have not made a pursible before, nor do I have a pattern, but I have admired a lot on blogs too numerous to list.
I thought I would make a practice pursible for my niece, who is turning 5 next week.

I was quite happy with it, and put a little something inside for the birthday girl to find when she opens the present. However, then it occurred to me that the fabrics I had used for the pursible had possibilities as a birthday outfit.

That is what happened next. It may be a slightly garish colour combination, even for a 5 year old, but I think she can wear it as separates - I can see that little bishop top with jeans. I added the empire waist sash and keepers as the top looked rather art-smock without it. I have bonus points for using up the very last skerrick of the cherry print (last years pick by the daughters for summer pyjamas)
Finally I returned to the Japanese fabric dress.
I am quite pleased with it so far. However, not finishing either of these dresses has made me realize how much I rely on daughter the first for my sewing. She was out all Sunday, and I felt unable to mark the back zip placement or attempt hems without her. This does not bode well for the future. Maybe I need a duct tape dummy.
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velosewer said...

What a great distraction. The dresses with piping are just lovely too.

Mary Nanna said...

Wow - that is a lot of sewing.

I love the fancy stitches you used for hem treatment and the whole outfit is just too cute. Aah sewing for little girls just has all the cutest possibilities.

The dresses are looking great too - that piping has been beautifully inserted and that Japanese print is very unusual now that I can see it in more detail.

...aah 3 cheers for adventurous sewing!

wendy said...

Don't you love it when kid projects just pop up and MUST be done right away? ;-) I think it's very cute... but Kate wears all kinds of clashing things, so maybe she's trained my eye. You can just say the colors are very Oilily. :)

The dress looks beautiful- can't wait to see it modeled!

KID, MD said...

That little outfit is adorable! The green is a great match for the cherry stems. Your dresses are lovely as well. I envy you your daughter for hem marking. How great to have a helper like that. I just discovered your blog and I'm so glad I did!

Carol said...

I'm impressed with all you've done. I've been wanting to make some of those little bags, too. In fact, inspired by you, I have set out making most of my Christmas gifts this year. My niece won't appreciate anything handmade as she only wears garments that say Roxy, but the rest of the family will love it. I'd love to see the dresses on you.