Friday, 6 November 2009

Big Plans

My sewing lately has been deadly dull. This is very bad for my mojo. I have made several knit tops, but can hardly be bothered taking photos. My children are requesting summer clothing. They want pyjamas, t shirts and shorts. Dull, dull, dull.
However, my wonderful friend Sharon has come to the rescue.

She has just returned from a trip to Japan and bought me this gorgeous fabric. Do you remember the horrible scratchy green scarves I knit for the dance concert? Probably not, they are better forgotten, but the darstardly non-knitting mothers had to pay costume co-ordinator Sharon a small fee for the knitting. I got this instead of a small fee (Chinese factory workers earn more per hour than slow knitting-for-other- people's- daughters- for- dance-concert mothers). The fabric is much better than a small fee don't you think? Sharon knows me well :). Sharon also bought me some other fabric at my request but this is the best (and a present, so does not count as stash according to my internal accounting system).
I plan to make a simple sheath dress, darts, not princess line to avoid interrupting the pattern. The fabric is beautifully textured cotton. I am currently debating with myself whether or not it should be lined, or left unlined and saved for the hottest days of summer. I admit, the actual sewing and shape of the dress will be dull and undetailed, but the fabric is so fabulous there will not actually be a hint of dullness about the process.
The children will just remain pyjama - less for a few more weeks. There is nothing wrong with wearing their Dad's old t-shirt to bed IMO. No sleepovers until I have finished my dress.

In other non-sewing news, I just recieved this parcel from Michael's. That is real Burberry raincoat fabric, black on the rainproof side, stripey inside. I have a rare attack of brand name smugness. It was $7 US per yard, if I don't factor in the horrible postage (Um that would be another $US5 per yard, still a bargain)(Michael's only charges the actual postage, I love this fabric shop). One day in the far future, it will turn into an almost Burberry trench coat for my husband. The other is a small piece of orange and brown wool tweed that leapt into the box thinking it was for a straight skirt for me next winter. We will see what happens.
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Gail said...

I love Japanese fabrics and can't wait to see what you do with it. That Burberry fabric is very smart too.

Mary Nanna said...

Sewing for children and husband earns you many, many smug seamstress points. I would just buy the pjs and, come to think of it, the Burberry trench for husband.

I hope they are duly appreciative of your labours. Still, glad to see you have prioritised a dress for yourself. Sounds like the right kind of pattern for that fabric, I agree it would be a shame to break it up too much.

Sue said...

Beautiful fabrics - even taking the postage into account - it is still a bargain.

wendy said...

The burberry fabric looks great! Very swanky.

You'll have to send the pajama factory mojo up this way, my sister is asking for MORE PJS for the kids again already! Oh boy. ;-)

gwensews said...

There's nothing like new fabric to stir up one's sewing mojo! Have a great time with it and make some beautiful things.

Kathi said...

I just love that Burberry fabric!! I am sure your dress is going to be quite spectacular!

Vicki said...

Lovely fabrics. You could make that dress for yourself extra nice with piping or buttons or something in the darkest colour - black or navy blue.