Monday, 2 November 2009

Vogue 8096 men's shirt #2

I made this shirt in July. My husband promised (before I handed it over) that he would model it for me, and here he is, half way through a work day. I did point out that the shirt looked much smarter before it had been worn once a week over several months, but he did not seem to care. He also allowed me only two photographs and stipulated that he should be posted headless. This is a long winded apology for my not very good photos - but at least you can see that it sort of fits.

I am not entirely happy with the neck, and may make the next one bigger here, but as he never wears a tie, I will not fuss too much. All the modifications to the current pattern are the same ones I made to his first shirt which I posted about in November 2008. I just looked back at this post, and I said nothing at all useful in it, so here is my review at pattern review.

The fabric is beautiful shirting cotton from Ewan Gardam's. I bought it in January, when they still had a shop in Adelaide St Brisbane. The inside collar stand is a quilting cotton print.
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Sew4Fun said...

Wonderful shirt and it fits very nicely. I can see what you mean about the neck (only b/c you pointed it out) but I like it this way. :)

Gail said...

I grew up in Brisbane and did all my fabric shopping at Gardams. the shirt fits well. Very flattering from the back.

Karin said...

Well, even without a head he looks great in his shirt ;-)

Carol said...

What a great fit and what a beautiful finish! You are lucky you have a normal shaped husband. My overpumped bloke with the massive chest and shoulders and tiny waist makes fitting a complete nightmare! Want to swap?

ejvc said...

Karen, I'm about to start my first men's shirt, so it was fun to read this. I'm using a BWOF pattern but I'll use Coffin's instructions (for the most part -- I don't have a feller foot but I have worked out a nice flat-felled seam with a rolled hemmer).

I agree, your husband has an attractive torso. :-)

gwensews said...

Nice job on that shirt. I bet your fellow loves it.