Thursday, 10 December 2009

Craft diversion

When Sharon saw the dress I made from the Japanese fabric she gave me, she asked me if she could have the scraps. She wanted to make a knitting bag from them. I had already made her this pursible, as I could see that she really fancied the fabric for herself, although sewing is not really her thing.
I would have a stab at a knitting bag as well. I was very vague about the scraps and managed to put her off.
Fortunately I knew the style she wanted. My mother made a small padded bag for embroidery notions, and Sharon had said previously that a larger version would make a fabulous knitting port.
I love how this turned out. The bag is just the right length for 35cm knitting pins. It is essentially a rectangle of fabric, machine quilted over wadding, then pleated at each side. The handle is a strip of fabric over wadding, applied as a binding. I want to keep this bag for myself.
I am reminding myself that a sacrificial gift is a real one. I know she will like it. Covet, covet.


Sew4Fun said...

Wow great knitting bag. Love the style and the fabric too.

KID, MD said...

Cute! I can see why you are coveting.

Little Hunting Creek said...

Those are both really cute! I see why you want to keep them :)

Dawn said...

Nice bags! I like them both. The fabric is great too.