Wednesday, 9 December 2009

More pyjamas, and answers to questions

Thank you for the kind comments about the pyjamas and gifts I have been sewing. I am amazed by the gift sewing some other people are doing - Carol tells me she is making shirts for all the blokes in her family, and other things for the women. I hope you are planning to post about these Carol. I will have a hard time making one shirt, which is on my list for my husband. His shirts take me forever!
Pyjamas and pillowcases are much quicker, provided I am not attempting any new techniques. Elizabeth, it is not your instructions that are the problem with my rolled hem, it is my fumblefingers. I am not good at just sewing samples until I get something right, this is much too structured and sensible a behaviour for developing a new skill for me. I much prefer to make half hearted attempts on non-public items, such as children's pyjamas, but I am in full production mode at the moment, so might practice again later. Much later :).
Here are the last two sets for the Melbourne clan. I have parcelled them up for posting today, which is a very pleasant feeling. I am enjoying the gift sewing, particularly all the fabric mix and matching, but it is good to have some things fully off my list.


Materials cost. I seem to have stopped using stash fabrics, which always happens as I just don't have enough fabric (he, he), and these latest sets are all new cotton fabrics from Stitch Bliss, between $14.95 and $22 per metre. 2 sets takes about 1.5 metres. I made some other items from these fabrics, so I cannot be exact. The piping/trim is self fabric, and the elastic in the back of the drawstrings is from my scrap pile. About $28 for the two sets. The singlets were purchased from Target.

I have developed Christmas craziness and somehow also knit this little cardigan for my 3 year old niece in the last week, and want to make her a dress from the background fabric.

Naturally this means I will need 2 more cardigans and dresses to give her sisters. These are not really Christmas presents, as I always give my nieces a new dress or outfit when I see them (once or twice a year), but I would like to have them ready in time for our visit down south - for in-law Christmas. This may not be possible.

Sewing elle asked me a few questions about the Burda style 11-2009 pyjama set. I agree, it is very kind of Burda to include summer pyjama sets in their winter magazine issues, for we Antipodeans (and maybe some South Americans). This is two years in a row! German heating must be very good.
I did not include the side gather, as I wanted the pyjamas 12/14 year old suitable. I did cut the lower bodice on the bias, as instructed in the magazine, but I don't think this is necessary, as there seemed plenty of ease. I am making another set, with the bodice cut on the straight, and will let you know if there are problems. Although I traced out the lower bodice back and front separately, as shown in the magazine, these pieces are very similar, and for the second top (pink and grey) I used the front lower bodice piece for both the front and back so that I could cut out as a double layer. I also traced out the 11-2009 shorts, as we n,eded to increase a size, but the pieces are indistinguishable between the two issues to me.


Mary Nanna said...

You are sooooo generous to be giving all your lovely free creative time to gifts for others. The knitted top is a particular labour of love and the daisy buttons inspired. As always, very very impressive.

ejvc said...

I too, love the cardigan, and wish I could both sew and knit like you. Are you sure you don't have a staff of elves helping you? My only source of superiority is my mastery of the rolled hemmer foot. A house built on sand, etc.