Monday, 7 December 2009

Pyjamas, Burda Style 11-2009-134

My daughter asked for new pyjamas about 6 weeks ago. I successfully ignored this request through 2 dresses for me and one dress for her older sister, but apparently my efforts in making pyjama shorts as gifts for several cousins passed her breaking point. She spoke to me at length about my neglect, and started coming to the breakfast table in her under wear.
We struck a deal. She would make the pants, and I would make the tops. She was not happy about this deal, but I am determined that my children will learn to sew, so I was firm.
Here is the first set.
My daughter made about 3/4 of the pants. She felt that she could not attach the leg trim, so I did it for her. I am not sufficiently firm. The pants took her about 3 hours, requiring my full attention for the entire period. It was much more difficult than sewing them myself, which I think was my daughter's intention.

The top is from BWOF 12-2008. I made this pyjama top last year for daughter the first, and thought that it would fit - after removing the small bust adjustment, but unfortunately, when there is a B cup in the top, there is also a lot of cleavage. This is not quite right at this age, so I added a modesty panel, and she is much happier with the pyjamas. I rolled the hem on the top, with my new found determination to practice this technique, but once again I needed to roll it twice for an adequate result.

Materials cost: Pattern free (previously used), fabric about $17 - cotton print from Stitch Bliss, picot elastic, $3, internal elastic $2, bra straps 25c (bulk buy from Greenfields), thread $3.
$ 25.25. After a trip to the Sunshine Coast this week, during which we visited the ling erie department at Myer, I am sure this is a very good price. Horrid short pyjama pants alone, aimed at this age group, are about $30. The tops are the same price, or more.
I wanted to try the pyjama top from the November 2009 Burda Style, as I fancy making this for myself in chiffon. So for her next set, I used this pattern (number 133(nightie version)/134 (cami version). This is a lovely pattern. I particularly like the upper bodice. Here it is before gathering. I first scaled the pattern down to a size 34. I have chosen to make it as one piece rather than have the front open fully in the centre, and have raised the neckline by just over a centimetre. I added buttonholes for the drawstring.


The pattern is the "sewing course" in the magazine. The instructions are quite detailed for Burda, but I did not like the instruction to turn under the top edge to make a casing. Instead I lined the bodice with batiste, and topstitched the edge for a more neat finish.


Bodice detail

I think this is quite soft and pretty, even in a quilting weight cotton, lined with batiste. The magazine calls for stretch chiffon, which I have never seen, but I do not think the stretch is necessary for this pattern.

You can see that I did not roll this hem. The contrasting trim was requested, so I was off the hook.
The second set of pyjama shorts took 4 hours, and the stitching is really, really bad. I had planned for a team effort for a third set of pyjamas, but could not face the supervision. I need more fortitude.
Cost of this set is $35.55 - I had to include the cost of the magazine.

Instead I made a set for my older daughter, whom is not the squeaky wheel in the family, but whose pyjama situation is quite similar. I did not insist that she make her own shorts, as she is currently making a dress for herself, and is struggling a bit. Naturally, this caused some complaining from daughter the second, but I managed to ignore this.
Unfortunately, the bodice is not at all flattering to a AA bust. As she tried on her sister's top, this was not a sewing disaster. I redrew the bodice higher, less curved (almost straight at the top) and gathered the whole bottom edge instead of just the 2 side sections, and it has turned out very nicely.

I made the shorts from sand washed silk (Greenfields $13.20 per metre)and the top is recycled from a dress she outgrew. Notions cost $4.25.
$ 10.85.
I am still sewing gifts, so this was a pleasant break. I do like trying new patterns - especially when they work like this one.


ejvc said...

Thanks for the pattern review! Pretty PJ's. and why would your daughter sew when she sees you can do it for her? If you lived with me I would make you sew too :-)

I see my rolled hem instructions were not quite right for you. Could you practice with a straight strip marked and ironed up 1/4"? the fold would be at the edge of the tongue and it should be just the right width. Just so you could get a feel.

It is not as easy on curves, but I just successfully did a couple of sleeve hems for a doll dress which were rather curved. But I would start with getting it right on straight edges.

KID, MD said...

SO pretty! I've had my eye on that cami/nightie pattern from the Nov Burda. It's nice to see it made up so well. Thanks!

Carol said...

These pyjamas are lovely. I'm frantically sewing christmas gifts, too but I kinda like it.

wendy said...

The green piping on that PJ top is awesome. Sooo cute! :-)

Audrey said...

Those pajamas are so pretty. They inspire me to consider making similar ones as Xmas presents for my nieces. Okay, that thought has safely passed. Don't need another holiday prep "to do”. I chuckled when reading your comments about it taking longer to help you daughter make her shorts than it would have to do it yourself. My sons' use that technique, but I try to remain strong.

sewing elle said...

they are fabulous! I've just used the 12-2008 pattern for my 11 year old daughter and have been wondering about the 11-2009 version for her too. Is there any opening on the side in the pattern (don't have the magazine with me). It doesn't look like you did one (sounds good to me!). Did you cut out on the bias or is there enough ease in this pattern?

Isn’t it great that BWOF puts out summer pajama patterns just the right time for us in Australia! It’s the one time I can use the magazine almost as soon as it arrives…

gwensews said...

Those are very pretty PJs. Nice sewing-both of you!