Saturday, 5 December 2009

Holiday projects

This time of year seems to be full of family projects. This is a good thing, but the sewing is not very interesting, so first I will talk about cooking.
It was the children's last week at school for the year. It is usual for the younger children to give cards or small edible gifts to their classmates and teacher. We make gingerbread people. My son is the only one left in primary school, so officially this was his project, but the girls took a few for their particular friends. We had great fun dressing the people with icing.
Here is the boy sewing - for Christmas gifts. The pyjama shorts are an old Topkids pattern.
Materials cost - Plaid fabric, very old from stash, about $4 per metre, $6
Solid fabric, free fat quarter from Stitches subscription, remnant piping, remnant bias binding recycled drawstring, allow $3 for thread
More Christmas gift sewing, aprons.
SDC10269One for me, one for my mother in law, who says she does not want a present, and one for a girlfriend. The aprons are double sided, (reverse shown in the centre)and have an adjustable neckline.
Materials cost
The floral print was pricey fabric for me about 12 years ago, $15 per metre. I bought it in Sydney at a small fabric shop somewhere near Epping. It is a fabulous quality Rose and Hubble cotton twill that I had intended to use for little girl's overalls, but my husband called it histology fabric, and I just could not use it after that. It does not look quite so much like a diseased blood slide to me after more than a decade in the fabric wardrobe, but if he still hates it I can wear it with the checked side out. The reverse is a cotton plaid from Joanne's in Escanaba, about $2 per metre, and only a year or two younger than the print. It was a very large remnant. The buttons are recycled.
$34 ( I used the same thread as in the boy's pillowcase sets).


Sew4Fun said...

You have been busy! It all looks great.

Mary Nanna said...

lovely sewing and cooking projects.. hope all recipients are suitably grateful and impressed!

KID, MD said...

"Histology fabric"!!! LOL!! Although - at the right angle, I could believe an acute leukemia... That's hilarious!

Uta said...

Making gingerbread people is always my favorite part of the holidays. Yours look great! And you're so generous, sewing so many gifts. Hope they're appreciated!

wendy said...

The cookies look YUMMY :-) If only you could post the gingerbread smell on the blog for us!!

Carol said...

I love these gifts. You've inspired to make gifts this year. I started a few weeks ago with bags and on Friday I started on some tops as well. I plan to give the ladies a bag with something in it, like a t shirt or a coin purse and the men all get shirts. I've chosen a few chutney recipes as well, so everyone gets something edible as well. It's actually really rewarding. As I've made some gifts I know already that the receiver is going to love it and that spurs me on more, other members of the family (DH's side) will not be so enthusiastic about a handmade gift. I made my father in law handmade socks for father's day one year, thinking it was a cute joke on the traditional socks and tie gift idea. You should have seen the look on his face. He'll get a bottle of wine this year.