Friday, 18 December 2009

Mix and Match PJ's

I am still in a sewing pyjama phase. Initially, I was sewing lots of pyjamas for Christmas presents, but these extended family gifts are now all posted, or wrapped and under the tree ready for transport. This is an unprecidented state of organization for me! I have also made 2 sets for daughter the second, and one set for daughter the first that were urgently needed due to sudden growth.
Somehow, finishing all the required sewing was not enough pyjamas. I started to mix and match with daughter the second's urgently needed sets, as she does not like to wear the same thing more than once a week - even in pyjamas, but then thought that I should offer the same opportunity for variation to daughter the first.
Here is her mix and match set (her other set blends in quite well with these).

The sewn pyjama tops and shorts are from BurdaStyle 11/09 again. The pink and white striped singlet is from Target. I have wrapped these up to put under the tree as well.
I had to stop myself from making more pairs - I fancied a green top with the pink trims, but thought I should move on to some sets for her sister.
I am progressing with the other presents. I have finished a little cardigan for another niece - size 1-2 years.

This is wrap cardigan F from the Sirdar Baby Bamboo Too book that I have made in cotton. I used I-cord instead of ribbon for the tie as I thought my niece was less likely to pull it undone if it wasn't shiny and attention grabbing. Now I think I should have made the cord long enough to tie at the back.


KID, MD said...

The PJs are so fun, and that cardi is too sweet!

katherine h said...

You are so productive! I wish I was half as efficient as you.

gwensews said...

Wow--you are sewing/knitting up a storm lady! Good job. Love the pajamas.

a little sewing on the side said...

adorable! I wonder if blogging contributes to your efficiency?
You have outdone yourself!