Saturday, 19 December 2009

Mix and Match Pyjamas Burda Style 11-2009-134

The younger sister set of mix and match pyjamas was quicker - I made these production style. These are to co-ordinate with the two sets I made her about 10 days ago. I have introduced a fourth fabric, the blue print with red, as I am also making her red slippers, so the green shorts do not co-ordinate with the red and blue top.
The pyjamas continue. I have made one more set each for the girls, and am finishing up a set for my son, if I can face making a traditional buttoning pyjama shirt with a collar, otherwise he is done!.
However, this afternoon I will be making a rashie vest, as someone has lost theirs, just before we visit the Grandparents and their swimming pool. Bad timing.


Mary Nanna said...

They look gorgeous - the kind of homemade gift that you love getting. (not like mine, where they say, "oh you made that yourself, oh you shouldn't have, no I mean, you REALLY shouldn't have)

Gail said...

What great presents. They look better than the Peter Alexander pjyamas that the girls desire.