Sunday, 20 December 2009

TopKids 52 rashie disaster

My rash words about whipping up a sunprotective swim top yesterday afternoon came back to bite me.
I could not find my usual rashie pattern. My sewing materials/patterns/hidden stashes are not particularly well organized at the moment. Usually when this missing object situation occurs, I have a lovely time restacking everything, but I am feeling the pressure of my December 22 deadline, so instead, I looked through my TopKids magazines for an alternative pattern.
I have used TopKids patterns quite frequently, and find that my children are skinnier than the TopKids chart. Usually I make the size according to height, but scale down 2 sizes for width. I followed this practice with the rashie pattern - (#26, from TopKids 52) and had a fitting disaster.This was partly due to the reluctance of my son to stop playing and allow me to measure him.
My son kindly pointed out that it was not so baggy if he stretched out a lot.
However, I thought of all that fabric dragging him down in the surf, and put this attempt firmly in the maybe-next-year pile.
My son then graciously permitted chest and waist measurements, with a full 30 second time out from his cubby house construction, and I found that he is 5 sizes skinner than his height. Annoyingly, I had already cut out a long sleeved top from the original tracing, from UV50+ wicking polyester, for kayaking and hiking.
This fabric is not so stretchy as the chloroban swim wear fabric, so I thought it would make a reasonable lightweight jacket for our summer camping trip just after Christmas.
I added an adult size hood from Jalie 2795 at his request. I was not too unhappy with this jacket, until I saw how wonky and ripply the hem band appears in this photo. I cut it off, and added a deeper hem band.
I had lined the hood, as I think this looks more smart when the hood is worn down.
Overall, the jacket is a reasonable save, although I was reminded that my sewing skills are severely limited for knit fabrics.
I still had to make a rashie top, but I could not find a smaller pattern. My son cannot wear a rash top without a zip, as his head is quite large, and a wide enough neck opening leaves his neck and upper chest vulnerable to sunburn.
I am very bad at inserting zips into nylon lycra. I should have hand basted this, but I was not at all in the mood - I had to cook dinner! It looks rushed.
SDC10495I also could not be bothered getting out my coverstitch and reading the manual again so that I could make it work. The hem looks exactly as if I could not be bothered.
I scaled the top down 4 sizes in width. The proportions are now off, and it still looks rather loose.
SDC10496 I am very unhappy with this rashie. However, it will keep the sun off. I may need to make him another one with more care, so that I can bear to see him wearing it - but that will not be happening this week.


a little sewing on the side said...

my goodness, I am impressed with how much you accomplish. Your boy is adorable and looks spiffy in his little jackets. So what if it isn't perfect? You are getting good mileage out of your efforts.

Deb said...

When my older 3 kids were younger they were all tall and skinny (as is the 4th one now) and it was a pain to find clothes that fit them around the waist and chest and at the same time be long enough. I usually made their clothes the size according to their measurements and added extra length, it worked quite well for them. Nothing is going to work if they won't stand still long enough though :) gotta love boys with energy to burn!

Julie said...

You are being WAY too hard on yourself. I thought all the tops looked good, not homemade, and certainly suitable for wearing in public. True, a rashie is usually a bit more snug but you could always save any big ones for when he grows a bit more. The mistakes you are seeing in these garments are not readily apparent. Pat yourself on the back. I look at every garment I make as a learning experience for the next one.

KID, MD said...

He sure looks happy! And he'll be safe in the sun. That's what really matters. As my son would say, Good job, Mommy!

angie.a said...

Ok, I could barely read the post because of his adorable face! What a CUTIE!! Sorry you can't find your pattern, and had trouble. I love knits, but I have issues too especially hems.