Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Burda Style 11-2009-133

Every so often, Burda has translation troubles. This garment is not a camisole, whatever Burda thinks. 11-2009-133
Initially, this was intended to be a nightdress, as I am still on my pyjama addiction, but once I had made it in a dark printed voile from Spotlight (2007 - remnant from sarong)and modeled it for my family, it was pronounced a housedress. I think it is the subtropical verion of lounge wear. You could wear it to bed, but you are just as likely to wear it around the house, although you should probably not wear it to the supermarket.
This was so quick and easy, that I made another one.
Both of these housedresses are lined in the bodice with a solid fabric - purple cotton voile for the blue print, and cream silk/cotton voile for the brown and white print, so as to prevent pattern blur where the lining shows through the lightweight fabric.
I cut the skirts on the bias, just like it told me to in the pattern, and even doing this, I managed rolled hems. I pat myself on the back a few times for this.
However, I was due for a downfall.
I cut out a nightdress from crinkle silk chiffon. I found this a very tricky to manage.
I self lined the bodice, and made french seams throughout. I hand sewed the casing at the top of the bodice, as I didn't think I could manage buttonholes in silk chiffon, and applied lingerie elastic lace at the empire waist seam just as the pattern suggested. It looked absolutely hideous. Elastic at the empire waist gave a terrible droopy bust look to the garment, and the crinkle chiffon skirt hung like a dish rag. This was most disappointing after all that handsewing. I could not just throw this project in the bin though, as the fabric was a gift from my husband, and I have been rather slow in sewing it up, as he bought it for me in January 2009.
I chopped the nightdress back to camisole length, and tried my rolled hem foot again. Nothing doing, crinkle silk chiffon does not like the rolled hem, or the presser foot. The bobbin case on my Janome is now sparkling clean. Silk chiffon makes a fabulous cleaning rag.
Crinkle silk chiffon wants to be hand sewn. I ignored this and after chopping off some mangled almost hem, added a wide lace border, pieced from my scrap box. It is attached with zig zag stitch.
The remainder of the nightie turned into li ngerie shorts. I was not happy with the invisible fabric (my son's description), so made a liner pair of shorts from cotton/silk voile. The hem is my overlocker's rolled hem, with the crinkles stretched out to make a lettuce hem. I like this better than hand sewing crinkle silk chiffon.
I am over pyjamas again.


KID, MD said...

The camisole/nightdress/housedresses are lovely! I have fabric to make this pattern and I seriously need to get to it!

Little Hunting Creek said...

those pajamas are so pretty, even though you are over thrm. I love the housedresses too. I have some silk chiffon on the cutting table and now I am sort of dreading

Uta said...

They're all so pretty! The silk chiffon is great, but I wouldn't have the patience.

Anonymous said...

I think its *possible* (I don't say likely) that if you starched your chiffon A LOT you could make a machine-rolled hem. But the crinkle might defeat you anyway. Anyway your new undies are rather fetching. As I am freezing to death here in my sub-zero home I cannot consider wearing such an insubstantial garment as your housedresses, never mind the complete improbability of sewing four items in a day. I do think you have employees.

Mary Nanna said...

So pretty - the Spotlight voile has come up beautifully. Good save with cami and knicker set - I am not brave enough for silk chiffon, I know that about myself. This issue of BWOF has just arrived in shops here so only yesterday did I see what this pj-fest was about. It's either that or school ball dresses, no? I love the craft section though - I'm going to sew up that sausage dog family and then I'm going crochet myself a cuckoo clock. aah just kidding about the cuckoo clock but the chain crocheted necklace looks really fab.

Sharon said...

Great looking housedresses and your silk chiffon has turned out lovely.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I should really give this pattern a shot! You have my condolences on the crinkle silk chiffon. Just thinking about it gives me the willies.

Carol said...

I need to make some housedresses like this. It's too hot for even shorts at the moment and this is a good idea. Yours look fantastic. Why didn't I think of it myself? I still have a crinkle chiffon blouse awaiting buttonholes. I will do it soon! I love your little pyjamas with the invisible fabric! Machine rolled hems are still a problem for me, but I will practice!!

lsaspacey said...

Lovely, all! My question is, why wouldn't you wear those dresses out of the house? They're gorgeous! With a delicate half slip underneath those would be perfect in summer.

Susan said...

I love the camisole. All the projects are lovely, actually. Really great work.

gwensews said...

Those housedresses are too cute to stay in the house. They want to go out!

Christine said...

I'm cutting out a blouse in crinkled silk chiffon, and thought (halfway through the layout) that I'd Google up some tips to make it easier, and ended up here at your blog.

Sadly, your post has not encouraged me...although I have added it to my blogroll, so I suppose it's a net win. :-)