Thursday, 7 January 2010

Burda Style Magazine 12-2009-115 pants and Knit 7 Twisted drop stitch cardigan

I have started SWAP sewing. Somehow, after discussing with daughter the first that she might like to join this challenge, I have ended up agreeing to sew a work SWAP for her. I am not quite sure how this happened. She made herself a beautiful dress for Christmas, but it took her 2 weeks, and after that her enthusiasm for sewing 11 garments seemed to plummet. She has cut out a few t shirts instead. At least she is sewing.
Here is an almost outfit (RTW blouse, a Christmas gift from her Auntie).

I posted about the cardigan previously. It is from Jo Sharp Knit 7. The blue and grey yarns are the colour cornerstone of the SWAP.

The pants are from the December 2009 Burda Style magazine.

I did not make a toile, as I have made a few pairs of Burda pants previously for my daughter, and the adjustments are not usually too hard. As she has grown since the last pair (wore them for 2 months :(( ), I went up a size, and they are a little loose, so much so that the usual waist decrease was insufficient, and I had to add post construction back waistband and yoke darts.


I did not unpick and re-sew, as I have a sneaky feeling that she is still growing, and that some darts to let out may come in handy in a few months. I have made a very deep hem for the same reason.


What I really like about this pattern is the curved seaming.
(technical drawing from Burda
In the next pair, I will topstitch this.
The fabric is a cotton herringbone twill from Michael's Fabrics. I have a lot more of this, as I bought it in a bundle, so a skirt, or maybe two are further items in the SWAP. I have used a cotton quilting print for the inner waistband and the inner zip guard.
Next I think I will sew a blouse for me.


Janine said...

great pair of pants ... GOSH! you sew fast! I'm still contemplating my next project and you've already sewn 3 in the meantime. think I need to get my act together ;-)

KID, MD said...

You always pick my favorite BWOF's to sew! I love those pants and can't wait to make a pair. I like the idea of topstitching those seams. They really make the pants. Your daughter is such a lovely girl!

Anonymous said...

How did I manage to miss this yummy yummy pattern? Come here, darling trousers....

Janine -- as I've said before, I'm pretty sure she has employees. No actual human could sew and knit so much. Plus she pretends to work.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Those are really nice! I thought they were just weird BWTF when I saw them in the magazine but they make up very flattering!

Carol said...

I really like these pants. I would never have chosen to make them from the magazine, but seeing them on a real human makes me want a pair. Just when I thought I had my SWAP patterns all worked out, too!!

BetsyV said...

Karen I like the way those pants look on your DD and how they fit.

Have you any thoughts of trying them for yourself? I am curious to see if they would work for a curvy, full-front-thigh gal like myself. My instinct was a definite "maybe".

gwensews said...

That's a super outfit. Love the sweater. The pants are awesome. Good sewing/knitting.

Tamara said...

Very cute pants! They look great on her. Good idea about the darts.

Kathi said...

These were among my favorites in that issue!! I am so glad to see them made. They are as cute made as they appeared in the line drawing! I am sure she will enjoy them!