Thursday, 11 February 2010

Fabric taste

I was fondling the stash in the search for another blouse fabric for my daughter's SWAP, and was a little distracted.
I have cut out a shirt for my husband from this fabric. It is our wedding anniversary in about 10 days, and I thought he would like me to make him something. (There have been some pointed hints)
It was very boring, cutting this out. The fabric is of lovely quality, from Michael's, and I don't dislike it, but it is just boring. My husband chose it from a swatch, and it has been sitting in the stash for a year or so.
I think sewing the shirt will be boring too. If successful, it will look just like a shirt from the shops when I have finished. Boring.
I am not sure that the virtuous wifely glow from making this shirt will carry me through the project.
In 2004 I bought this fabric, from Ewan Gardams, thinking of making a shirt for my husband.
When I showed it to him, he did not think he would wear it. Too girly maybe?
I am strongly tempted to make him a shirt from this fabric anyway, but am pretty sure it would languish in the wardrobe.
My alternative plan is to make the Tracey Rees sundress from the print fabric, despite the print being completely the wrong colours for me. However, if I start this dress before the shirt I have already cut out, I am unlikely to persevere with the present.
So, instead of sewing the shirt during my 3 hours off work this morning, I have been reading reviews of sundress V1086 whilst knitting a seasonally unsuitable striped scarf.
I will finish something eventually.


kiltsnquilts said...

Ooh, the second fabric is lovely and just perfect for a man's shirt. How well does it go with the first fabric? Could you use the second fabric as an accent? Maybe the inside collar stand and under collar and inside the cuffs, and facings if they are seperate?

It might make the process less boring and would make the shirt a little different.

If not, how about cutting collars and cuffs in the first fabric on the bias? They would need to be stabilised but you would probably do that anyway - again, it would make for a subtle difference from your average storebought shirt.

sometimes a boring project is a great way to perfect things like your top-stitching and make a feature of it. Also, a subtle difference in thread colour for the buttonholes or even one in a different colour (seen this done in my DB's high end RTW shirts - usually the collar buttonhole) is enough to lift it from the 'norm'

I have promised my DH I will make him some shirts - summer casual ones though as he doesn't wear a shirt for work anymore - what have I let myself in for Lol :-)

a little sewing on the side said...

I also bought that first shirting from Michael's and I made a BWOF shirt out of it. I love it, I have to say :)
The 2nd fabric is FABULOUS, so make yourself a dress.

Sue said...

There is nothing so good as some old-fashioned procrastination!
If you really want to sew the shirt (even if you think it is boring) just set yourself one task to get it started, like plan to cut it out. Sometimes you just need to get the wheels into motion and then they get their own momentum.

Mary Nanna said...

wow - you win uber-wife award for even thinking about sewing your husband a shirt. It's a real shame he doesn't like that second print because it's cool and very special and could have been fun. There's still time to talk him round you know - tell him he'll be a chick magnet if he wears it - it's not so much feminine as appealing to women. Hmmm, although seeing as it's your wedding anniversary perhaps you might not want to encourage that kind of thinking.

KID, MD said...

You know, I had thoughts of sewing dh a shirt for Easter, but I just can't convince myself it is worth the hassle. Every time I think about working oni t I think f 10 other projects I'd rather do, which makes me think I won't ever make the shirt... Sewing ADD.

Kathi said...

My husband wouldn't think of wearing a print like that either! Of course, I wouldn't thnk of making anything for him!!!!
Good luck with whatever you decide to make!

gwensews said...

You will make your husband a fabulous shirt, exactly as he wants it. Perfect for him. And the bonus-you have a nice piece of fabric for yourself.

BetsyV said...

I love the shirting fabric. You could always make it more interesting by cutting the buttonhole and sleeve plackets and the cuffs on the bias. Also the yoke; make it two-piece and cut it on the bias, leaving the yoke lining one piece and cut straight to keep the yoke behaving properly.

It appears the paisley "goes" with the shirting: could you surreptitiously put some of it on the shirt, say the undercollar/inside of the collar stand/yoke facing/ and cuffs facings?

Anonymous said...

To quote the Selfish Seamstress's haiku:

Some people take joy
In sewing for their loved ones.
We call them, “suckas.”

No, no, it will be fine. This is your chance to cut up your yardage every which way, piece it together, and have some fun. Also, if I were you, I would explain to your husband about the boredom factor. Surely he will understand. Maybe you can explore ways for it to be less boring when completed?

Carol said...

My experience with bloke sewing is that you should just make it. My DH looks at a piece of fabric and tells me he hates it. Every single time he tells me he hates fabric (whether for me or for him) he always ends up liking the completed garment. "It looks different sewn up" he says. Also, if the shirt is just there, hanging in the wardrobe, one day when he's getting ready to go out he will reach in and pull out it and put it on, then appear a little surprised at how nice it looks on him. Now, if you still don't want to make him a shirt out of that fabric, please send it to me because I know someone who will wear it!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I have been getting hints too, but you nailed it--if I am successful (a big if) it will look exactly like what he buys from the store. Boring!!!! And if it is not perfect, it will look terrible. Men's clothes are boring and unforgiving.

velosewer said...

It's so hard to sew 'boring' things so good on you. As for the paisley fabric and the dress, use a contrast fabric in your colours to make it more 'you'. That's my 2c worth.

Anonymous said...

Ahem -- the haiku I posted was rather snarky. You make lots of beautiful things for your family, which I actually really respect, and I by no means consider you a sucka. Er. Very sorry.