Saturday, 6 March 2010

Burda Style Magazine 12-2009-115 trousers

After I made the first pair of these for my daughter, I rashly suggested a second pair with topstitching to show off the curved seams. She did not forget.
This pair fits better at the waist and yoke, because I redrew these pieces, as I needed to add darts to the last pair.
Unfortunately, I did not baste these and have my daughter try them on, thinking the last pair was a reasonably good fit. Naturally, due solely to this omission, the fabric (cotton twill from Michael's Fabrics) seems to have more give in it than the fabric used for the last pair (also cotton twill from Michael's, but a different type), and the dratted trousers are a little too big everywhere else.
I am hoping they shrink in the wash. The other colours I have in this twill have all shrunk a little after the pre-sewing wash, but only lengthways. I guess that means these will not shrink helpfully in the wash. :(
I am not planning to unpick all that topstitching to take them in.
The silver lining to this sizing issue was that I was able to squeeze myself into this pair. I did not in the least expect them to fit, and they don't, but every since BetsyV asked me if I thought this pattern might be a flattering shape for trouser resistant figures such as my own (misquoting Betsy freely here!)I have been wondering if this might be the case. I am happy to report that these trousers are surprisingly slimming on me, which makes me keen to cut out another pair in a more generous size. This pleasing trouser behaviour is just as well, as I managed to splash Chlorhexidine on my last decent pair of work trousers this week, and now have no stainless trousers. Disgraceful! You would think I could wash my hands without spilling things by now.
Here is my daughter being a Burda-like model. We are very pleased to have made the trousers unidentifiable in this shot.


RuthieK said...

Good news that they might work for adult women with curvier figures. I liked them but did not think I could take all that detailing. Will be very interested to see.
Love the topstitching, and the fit looks OK on your daughter if slightly 'slouchy'.

KID, MD said...

Now I REALLY need to make these pants! They look great!

Claudine said...

They look great on her! It is amazing how the "give" in the fabric affects the fit, isn't it?

Elaray said...

This pattern illustrates why I love Burda Stle Magazine patterns so much. I love the seaming on these pants.

BetsyV said...

Great news on these trousers possibly fitting our figures! And freely quote me all you like, as long as the general idea remains the same. ;)

Mary Nanna said...

Great looking pants - both versions are very stylish. Glad you are not undoing all that top-stitching - that would be very painful. Perhaps your daughter would like a second helping of dessert instead?

ejvc said...

These are already on my list and it's great to see a new pair. Very nice indeed.

gwensews said...

Those are terrific pants. Nice style lines.