Thursday, 4 March 2010

Vogue 8096 again

I finished this shirt almost immediately after the last one, but didn't need any chocolate to do it. This fabric is not nearly such good quality as the Michael's, but I just like it better.
I would like to point out that Carol is a sewing-for-blokes genius. She said the trick was to just make the shirt, and it would be worn, and she was right. Despite scorning this fabric in the selection phase, my husband was asking when the shirt would be finished once he saw it hanging around without its buttons.
He even modeled it without a bribe. I must still have brownie points from the kayak trip. He still wants to be headless though. Maybe he is worried after I told him Mary Nanna said this fabric would make him a chick magnet. He said he has enough chicks. (Would anyone like to borrow an almost teenage girl for a week or so? Only good homes need apply. She is good with small children so long as they are not her brother.)
Now back to the other shirt. There were questions, well, one question.
Gail asked
"Will it be worn with a tie, or is 'business' more casual in the north."
I am not sure that I am qualified to comment on the casualness or otherwise of business dress in country Queensland. The lawyers up here wear ties to court, but not in their rooms, the bank manager doesn't wear a tie, the mayor wears a tie sometimes, the funeral director wears a tie, but I can't think of anyone else who does on a daily basis. Some of the older farmers always wear a tie when they come to town, but they are much better dressed than the general population.
My husband does not wear a tie to work, maybe his shirt is better described as a "work shirt" than a business shirt.
He could wear it with a tie though.
I shaped the collars during construction...
and I tried it out with a tie for you.
It doesn't match, but there are only two ties in this house. This makes me realize how clever the Country Road peeping contrast placket is. If you were a tie wearing sort, you would look all official and plain at work, but if you took your tie off for Friday afternoon drinks, your shirt would look much more casual and interesting with the contrast fabric.
Here is the shirt with the other tie owned by my husband.
SAM_0039 I don't think this tie is a good idea, but it gives me a chance to show you that the plaid actually does match at the front.


Claudine said...

Great shirt! I love the contrast collar stand.

"Some of the older farmers always wear a tie when they come to town, but they are much better dressed than the general population." I like your older farmers. In my town, we have a few old men like that, too. They're probably not farmers, though.

Mary Nanna said...

The shirt is gorgeous - I love the fabric and - even headless - you husband looks great!

Interesting to see the collar shaping. I don't know about this technique but I guessing it's to help with the roll.

So glad you got to prove to us that you matched the fronts. I would find that unbearable too.

Gail said...

Making a shirt for my husband is a high priority. I've bought the pattern but he has been so far uncooperative about fabric choices. I think I'll just follow your advice and go ahead.

Sue said...

Fabulous shirt and the fit looks great on your hubby!

Little Hunting Creek said...

Beautiful shirt! I have two to finish for DH myself. I did the same trick with the fabric choice and now he is asking when they will be done

The Slapdash Sewist said...

They both came out fab, but I really, really love that print one.

Carol said...

I LOVE this shirt. The fabric is gorgeous. It's true, men have no idea about fabric but when there's a shirt to look it, it all starts to make sense.

gwensews said...

Nice shirt. Wow, your husband must be so pleased.