Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Self Stitched September 21

I was all set to wear my new blouse to work today - and it is pink, to add some colour, but unfortunately, I did not like it with these trousers. I whipped it off and took in the side seams in the last frantic 15 minutes before leaving for work, but it did not fix the problem, so here you have yet another cream blouse - Simplicity 5201 this time (post about it here), with the tropical wool BWOF 4-2009-118 pants again.


The scarf is a bit of a cheat. I wore it on the way to work, but took it off almost straight away when I got there, as it was annoying me when I leant over.(I put it back on for the lunchtime photo shoot). Readers, you are right, it makes the self imposed uniform of cream and beige more interesting.
To answer some questions, I live in rural Queensland. We are, however, having fairly Canberra weather at the moment, which is very peculiar.
I will remain mysterious about my main job. Please forgive me for keeping secrets. I have a professional job in a country town, so my life is rather fishbowl already (no dashing off to the supermarket in tracksuit pants for me). I do not think my non-sewing colleagues, staff or clients would understand the trouser fitting photographs, so would rather they not find them if googling my name, town or profession!


Joy said...

I'm enjoying seeing your ensembles.
And it is funny to me (over here) to be able to see what you wore tomorrow!

Mary Nanna said...

You are really putting some nice combinations together - it's great to see workable outfits.

I TOTALLY get it about the privacy thing - which is exactly why I don't blog under my real name - I don't want people googling me and finding my blog - that is, people being nosy about me in real life. In blog world I'm totally fine with it - but then I never write anything I don't want complete strangers to know.

I think I mentioned once in a comment to you before what my sister said about blogging 'blogging is like sitting in your living room with the curtains drawn and the light on and letting complete strangers have a good gawk as they pass by."

i think about this often before I hit "post". It does mean my blog is tamer than I would like it to be (in real life my humour is sharper) but it does mean I can leave the lights on and the curtains open, figuratively speaking!

Handmade said...

The scarf is great!!! It's a good ensemble - shame the last minute stitching didn't work - it would have been so heroic!!

Imaan said...

Thanks for answering my questions, sorry if I put you on the spot, not my intention at all. Sorry! I totally get the privacy thing too, and tend to keep my sewing life and my private/ work life very very seperate, so ...no worries!

I like the combo.

RuthieK said...

Looks nice and I like the extra bit of contrast interest added by the scarf. Have to admit though I have a huge box of scarves and hardly ever wear them!

Mary said...

Yes, the scarf does add a dash of spice to your outfit. You could fold it under the collar of your shirt/blouse and have a bit showing while mostly out of your way.

As for privacy, yes, I agree. My blog involves personal reflections as well as sewing etc and I am very cognizant of who may be reading it. I am now retired but I still am careful with personal details.

Anonymous said...

Karen, this is very pretty. As I recall you wore a beautiful scarf also in London. But maybe a differently shaped scarf or a different way of wearing it is for you.

Carol said...

I work in Mullumbimby. People I've never met know where I work. Small towns are a pain.

Gail said...

I made a dressy version of this blouse. I love it worn casually.