Monday, 4 October 2010

The great t shirt endurance event progress report 2

Interviewer: Why has the name of the event changed?

Coach: It was your inaccurate reporting that did it. Ruthie K now thinks that the entire team is cooking and cleaning for Kbenco, and Elizabeth has declared that her friendship with Kbenco is in the past, all due to some impression that the t shirt event was only a one-day challenge.

Interviewer: I did not say that!

Coach (mutters): Irresponsible journalism!

Interviewer: Can we get back on topic? Where does Kbenco stand at the moment. Has she finished the t shirt event, whatever it is called?

Coach: I can't quite work it out from the information I am getting via course radio. She put away the coverstitch this morning, and cut out a 1945 apron last night, woven, but who knows. I am waiting to find out just like you are. I am concerned that there has been deviation from the course. The apron does have me worried. I want her to finish, no matter how long it takes

Interviewer: Can you tell us how the next stages went?

Coach: There was a thrilling moment with BWOF 12-2009-112, thrilling! You can see here this t shirt style jacket cut straight from the pattern, only a square shoulder adjustment and bicep region enlargement, and just look at it!!!!


Interviewer: Looks like a very silly pose to me.

Coach: The jacket, you dill. The pose is just an attempt to disguise the wearing of yoga pants whilst she is participating in a sewing event. I believe the team was supposed to be taking a torso shot only.

Interviewer: Self Stitched September is over, hey?

Coach: Well, they are self stitched yoga pants, I admit, rather sloppy dressing, but look at the jacket.

Interviewer: OK, it fits, well enough for a sloppy knit garment, and she can wear it to yoga.


Interviewer: Do we need all these photographs?

Coach: I wanted you to see the hook and eye tape closure.

Interviewer: So what else is happening?

Interviewer: Is there something you don't want to tell me?

Coach: The next stage did not go so well. It was the same pattern - different BWOF number, 113 I think, but the same pattern pieces.

Interviewer: So what went wrong?

Coach: There were a few issues with the front placket. I was not expecting them, she made 3 horrible poly knit polos with front plackets quite successfully in June, but there was a poor decision to follow the Burda directions.

Interviewer: Is she blaming the instructions? That sounds like a cop out.

Coach: She is not blaming the instructions for the whole problem, not entirely. She does have enough experience with Burda to know better than to follow the instructions slavishly- she added woven selvage to the seams for stability, interfaced the placket strips, plenty of things that Burda forgot to mention. There was an overall naval approach problem with the placket that led to it being named the "nursing mother t shirt", but no, the instructions were not really the problem

Interviewer: What was the problem?

Coach: Operator error, pure and simple.


Interviewer: She sewed the placket to the wrong side!

Coach: I think it was fatigue. She had some trouble recovering - you can see here the disastrous attempt to cover up her error.


Coach: Eventually there was a Gordian solution, but she lost a lot of time.


Interviewer: She cut at least 6cm from the centre front, how does it still fit?

Coach: This fabric has no lycra. The 112 pattern was a jacket, so the overall fit is very loose in the 113 t shirt version, which uses exactly the same pieces as the 112 jacket.
I think she took a dislike to the fabric, that is the only reason I can find for what she did in the next stage. She must have been keen to use up every last scrap.



Interviewer: Aren't those other team members? Was there success? Did they start some training?

Coach: I heard a rumour that one of them traced a pattern. The other one was a surprise attack though.

Interviewer: An attack from within the team, this sounds nasty.

Coach: You may have noticed that DD the younger has not been appearing on the blog. This has been due to a team policy of replying to any request for sewn clothing with a request that the floor of the bedroom become visible. Well, apparently, this was interpreted as a statement that should the bedroom floor appear, so would a custom sewn item of clothing.

Interviewer: I agree, a sneaky attack.

Coach: We are just hoping to keep the floor in view for a few days.


Interviewer: This one looks like Kbenco is back on track.

Coach: Yes, and look at this


Interviewer: Some cut out fabric? I don't understand your enthusiasm.

Coach: It is early days yet, but there is some team member training, slow as it may appear.

Interviewer: So why do you think the coverstitch is packed away?

Coach: I suppose it is because the school holidays are over, the training will have to be put on hold.

Interviewer: So the t shirt endurance event is finished?

Coach: I told you, I haven't heard yet. There is still more knit fabric in the stash.

Interviewer : I heard there is some on the way from Gorgeous Fabrics too. I will have to write another article. This is getting tough, doesn't the woman understand deadlines!

Coach: I don't think she does.


Gail said...

Have you been tested for performance enhancing drugs? Great efforts - you work so fast!!

KID, MD said...

Fabulous!! And your blog post made me smile. I have to applaud the save on tee #2. It looks pretty good! And good for DD for finding her floor. I still haven't managed that in the stash closet.

Karin van D. said...

Wow, your speed is impressing. And so are the results, great tops and that jacket looks so soft and comfortable. I think those interviewer and coach should stop complaining and start cheering, you are doing a marvelous job!

RuthieK said...

Nice tee shirts. Nice save. And wow!!!! something for DD the younger :D here's to a forecast of clear floors and loads of lovely things to wear.

shams said...

lolol. You had me laughing out loud, for sure. That was a very impressive save on that one. The one for DD with the ruffles is so cute. And I really like that cardi, with the yoga pants.

Go go go, Team KB!!

Joy said...

Hehe. That was pretty funny (:

Yay! Adding members to the team is good - although sharing the machines might be a bit challenging.

And I'll have to check out that cardigan pattern.

Handmade said...

I'm with Gail ... are you on drugs? Great recovery with the placket ... impressive tops and I know exactly what you're talking about re the bedroom floor!

Carolyn said...

This is priceless!!!
I loved this post, you could be published as the next Noel Coward....
Way to go with all your Tshirts, you HAVE been busy! Nice work! And thanks for the best chuckle of my day!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Especially loving the ones for your daughters, and the grey with the vertical ruffles. Great inspiration! (And hilarious commentary)