Friday, 8 October 2010

My attempt at sewing with a vintage pattern

Hmmm, this photograph does not match the title of the post.
The reason for this discrepancy, is that it was only by reminding my daughter of my great generosity in making her this t shirt, Jalie 2787, (so that she had something new for free-dress-day at school today) that I was able to persuade her to model this apron.
I am sure that you can understand her lack of enthusiasm.
I am not modeling the apron myself because it makes me look exactly like my grandmother.
Not my grandmother in 1945, when she was 39 years old, which is my age at present,
(this photo would be from 1946, as that is my Dad on her lap)

but my grandmother as I remember her, in her 70's and 80's. (She did not dress at all like Ann Rowley!). I told you already, I am vain.

Here is the pattern illustration.

Here is the "free pattern included". They were doing a good job of conserving paper.

The apron was very fiddly to construct. I particularly disliked the 1/4 inch seam allowances. I used my 1950's sewing machine, for almost period authenticity and hair-tearing opportunities, and am inspired to take the machine apart this weekend to see if I can make it work properly. I am inspired to do something very, very messy whilst wearing the apron.

My husband howled with laughter when I displayed the apron to him. He suggested that it would be a good present for my MIL. He is a stirrer.


Handmade said...

Oh my ... that face says it all!

Little Hunting Creek said...

It';s very cute in a retro way, but your daughter is even cuter. My grandmother would say,"Don't make that face, it will freeze like that!"

angie.a said...

Oh, I love it!! AND her face is classic. :D Cute jalie tee too.

a little sewing on the side said...

Your daughter's expression cracks me up. And your DH is a stirrer, all right! Too funny. That is one heck of an apron :)

Janine said...

Had a good laugh when I saw your dd's expression - Oh! the horror of having to pose in some of Mum's creations ... ;-)

RuthieK said...

The latest apron version is the best.