Sunday, 10 October 2010

1945 Apron adaptations

Having cut out 3 of the 1945 aprons, without trying the pattern before cutting apron 2 and 3 (I will learn eventually), I felt that I should aim for a less grandmotherly look with the next two versions, without using too much more fabric.

Mark #2
Longer skirt (by adding ruffle to bottom of skirt)
More skirt fullness
Folded over pocket
Smaller chest ruffles
This evoked less laughter, but was still voted "grandmother hips"

Mark #3
Kept longer skirt, folded over pocket and smaller chest ruffles, but removed most of the added skirt fullness, the contrast waistband, and shaped the skirt at the back. This was voted slightly less grandmotherly. In fact it was "almost cute" according to the teenage fashion panel.


Emboldened by this partial success, I made proper use of the apron and spent the rest of a rainy Sunday afternoon baking with my son. The house smells deliciously of chocolate cake and fresh bread, and I have no regrets about failing to cut out the toile for my coat.


Handmade said...

# 3 is very cute!

Sharon said...

Agree #3 is the way to go. Rainy afternoons are great for baking.

Carolyn said...

Have you changed the look of your blog? Very nice!
Mark 3 is a very cute apron, and it sounds like a lovely day you spent with your son, cooking, so nice! Hmmm, the chocolate cake aroma described here is making me want to go drag out my Kenwood chef now... almost...
Your daughter's facial expression in the apricot version of the apron is priceless...!

Mary said...

ahh, "grandmother hips". This will bite her someday! :-) #3 is getting close to perfect.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the pattern, if you wanted it to look as illustrated, you'd need to shrink the bodice panel quite a bit to have those long vertical straps. It's really quite misleading.

Carol said...

I think this is very sweet. Are you getting all this rain?