Tuesday, 9 November 2010

BWOF 09-2008-107 top, a Surprise pattern

When I made my daughter's unplain white blouse, I found myself a present. Some time in the distant past, I had traced out a pattern in my size from the same Burda issue, and had forgotten all about it before making it up.
I had to fix this problem straight away.
Here is the photograph of the Burda garment.
This photograph made me wonder what I was thinking when I traced out the pattern, but after I looked up my blog (How did I remember anything before I kept a sewing journal ?), I remembered that I had made a version of this for my older daughter in order to use up a very small piece of fabric, then traced it out for myself, as my daughter's top had used less than 70cm of fabric.


I am just a tad considerably larger than my daughter, but thought this pattern would be a good candidate for a real "What was I thinking?" purchase of a Liberty Tana Lawn remnant from Gardam's in Indooropilly back in January. Looking back at my blog again, I can see that I was seduced by an apparent bargain. Liberty lawn is about $60 per metre in Australia, and this piece cost me $20 for about 60 cm. I have about 5cm of scraps left.
I wanted this garment to be a t- shirt substitute, just cooler and more grown-up looking. I made a square shoulder adjustment, did a full bust adjustment, raised the bust dart, added front darts releasing to the hips, and blessed my dress form.
It works perfectly - unless I want to hang up the washing
The sleeve pattern is quite unusual - last time I mistakenly used a sleeve from a different pattern and ended up with a gathered angel sleeve.
I may have placed the front of the sleeve too far down the armscye for free arm movement, or maybe you are only supposed to wear this top to cocktail parties where arm use is not required.
I used french seams, and hand sewed the hems and the bindings, as the machine stitches looked very coarse on the lawn.
I am planning another version with some sleeve tweaking.


Handmade said...

Cute top - love that print!

katherine h said...

Pretty little top. I like the Liberty. Great work finding a pattern already traced out. I love having lightweight cotton tops for summer. You'll be reaching for these every day that you don't have to hang out the washing.

RuthieK said...

Oh thats really pretty. A little colour, but a delicate print which is very you. Patterns which use small yardage are worth keeping on hand.

Little Hunting Creek said...

Very pretty! Who wants to hang up laundry anyway?

KID, MD said...

Pretty! But that is an odd sleeve. Good old Burda - keeping us all on our toes...

Anonymous said...

I reckon it's for a stretchy sequinned fabric myself. Very pretty though!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Such a nice, cool summer top!

Sharon said...

Really pretty top and I will be interested in your sleeve tweaking.

MareeAlison said...

Well your surprise pattern in that fabric is very pretty. Maybe you need to take advantage of our $$$ to buy some more of the Liberty print from overseas. :)

Carolyn said...

Pity about the laundry, but is a very pretty top! Maybe the pattern was intended for stretchy fabrics?

Mary Nanna said...

It is very pretty indeed - hope you get lots of wear out of it - capped sleeves don't have much movement through the bicep it's their real weak point - I've found even with a full bicep alteration I still get the straight jacket feeling. Still I persist because they are so cute.