Monday, 25 January 2010

Burda World of Fashion 09-2008-107 blouse trial

technical drawing from Burda
Whilst tracing out the previous blouse from the September 2009 magazine, I noticed this little pattern for a t shaped woven top. I think this has definite remnant using possibilities. I could not think why I had not noticed it previously, but when I saw that it was disguised by a sequin covered fabric in the photo shoot, I understood my oversight. There is not much call for sequins in my family's wardrobe.
The pattern calls for 80cm of 145cm wide fabric. I used a 70cm remnant of polycotton stretch woven that I have been avoiding for some years. It is rather cheap looking fabric, originally bought for a shepherd's costume in a nativity play. (Back when 70cm would have been mid calf length for my little ones)
This was plenty of fabric for a size 36 top. I had enough left over to attempt a pleated ruffle in imitation of nearly every blouse I saw in David Jones at Toowong last week. I was aiming for a triangular looking ruffle, but did not make the angle sufficiently steep.
You can see that my blouse is not quite the same as the technical drawing. It may be my very stretchy and badly behaving fabric, but the sleeves on my daughter's blouse definitely needed gathering, not easing, to fit between the marks. My daughter likes puffy sleeves, so this was not a problem.
You may also notice the additional front darts. I find them rather noticeable. Did I mention that I did not like this fabric? This is a very boxy pattern. I could not fix this sufficiently by taking in the side seams and back darts, so added a few more darts at the waist. I also made a small bust adjustment, and raised the bust point for improved fit.
The neckline and armscye are finished with bias binding. I made a loop with the neck binding instead of a thread loop, and made a placket for the back neck slit instead of having a centre back seam and using the seam allowance to finish the placket.
This was a successful trial run for the pattern, and my daughter will probably wear this version to work. I am sure I will make this again.
Materials cost :Fabric $7.50 (still had the remnant label attached) from Pizzaz Fabrics. Pattern - magazine already used, free, thread call it $1, recycled button


Little Hunting Creek said...

Pretty blouse - I like the ruffle. I am always happy to use up remnants

Claudine said...

Lovely blouse! Sorry about the fabric. I avoid stretch fabrics whenever possible, BUT the stretch probably makes it able to be pulled over the head, yet still be very fitted.

gwensews said...

I think that turned out very well, especially for a first try. I like the ruffle detail.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

That's a nice looking blouse. Is it comfortable to pull on and off? Wovens without a button front seem like they'd be too constricting.

Kathi said...

Your daughter's wardrobe is growing at a rapid pace!!

Mary Nanna said...

cute- the ruffle really makes it! I like the finishing details at the back neckline - it's a bit of a pain trying to put shape into a box shape, I've done it several times myself.. there's only so much you can take out through the side seams.

great bargain sewing!

Joy said...

My you've been busy! It's fun seeing this wardrobe come together. I think this simple blouse turned out quite nice - you have so many options available to you with the basic pattern.

Carol said...

Cute blouse. The ruffle is sweet. I wish I had patience for things like that.

katherine h said...

You are amazing, sewing up your daughter's SWAP. I would have lost interest garments ago. I like this blouse, especially with the ruffle. The pattern looks very versatile. Perhaps not sequins, but perhaps silky fabric for evening?

Gail said...

You've given me an idea for some of my remnant silk pieces.

Sharon said...

Great blouse with your adjustments.

I need to have another look at this pattern after seeing yours as I stear clear of boxy styles. I am not adverse to putting an invisible zip in the side seam to get that fit right.

Handmade said...

Cute top - love the ruffle.