Saturday, 8 January 2011

A walk in the rain. Style 2642 skirt, rambling

After the thoughtful comments on my last post, I have decided to be optomistic about my daughter's sewing future. I consider sewing a life skill, so I am prepared to "force" her to sew to the point that she can alter purchased clothes or make simple garments, in the same way that I will "force" her to cook until she can put a healthy meal on the table, but it is unreasonable of me to expect her to share my passion for sewing as a hobby. I do not have the same hobbies as my Mum! This does not stop me being wildly jealous of the people who have a fellow seamstress in the house. A shared interest is very good for a relationship. Did I tell you readers, that I deeply appreciate the internet sewing community?
Today, I worked quite hard at my sewing. I am making a coat. This means that I have very little to show for a full Saturday spent in the sewing room. (I do like having a sewing room, just let me gloat a bit)
Instead, I will display for you this quick and easy wrap skirt, Style 2642 (oop), which is my sarong alternative. I use ties instead of buttons as closures, which is very useful after Christmas.( There is still a box of chocolates left, but it will not last long)

I am the wrong shape for a traditional sarong, having child bearing hips and generosity of backside. I made this for my beach holiday at the beginning of December. I had intended to make the full length, A line, wrap skirt (with darts at the back) in order to prevent sunburnt legs. (Hmm, this was the skirt I made several times for early pregnancy, don't you love adjustable ties). Unfortunately, I had been cheated of fabric when I purchased this "sarong length" of Indonesian cotton batik on Arab Street, the Singapore fabric district. I had 1.7 metres, not the 2.5 for which I had paid, so made a knee length skirt instead, which is a very good length for walking in the rain.

I did not write about the Singapore fabric district after my visit in August, because I did not care for it at all - finding the vendors very pushy and the prices expensive. I also felt that I would have been stared at less, had I been wearing a bhurka. My husband pointed out to me that my calves were receiving a great deal of attention - I just wondered why I was feeling quite uncomfortable. (High necked blouse with near elbow sleeves, knee length skirt). I wonder how the Muslim men in the fabric district cope with the Chinese Malay girls in miniskirts? After discovering the fabric shortage,I now admire it even less as a shopping destination. Fortunately for my peace of mind, this was my only fabric purchase in Singapore, and now I have used it all up.
I very much like the batik print. I pieced it at the front as the panel of the sarong that is designed to fall straight down the front looked quite peculiar cut out as an A-line.

Behind me is the bridge to the South side of town, now 14.something metres under water.
My two younger children are now stuck in Brisbane with their grandmother until the river goes down. They think this is just fine, and are off to the movies tomorrow to see the latest Narnia film, which has not made it to our local cinema yet. City life is so exciting.
Here is the basketball court in our local park - you can just see the top of the backboard.
I dont' think I will be seeing many people at work on Monday. Maybe I could take in a bit of hand basting......


Summer Flies said...

Oh I am sorry you didn't like the Singapore fabric shopping! I LOVE Singapore and even though I think the vendors are pushy (as anywhere in Asia where they see a westerner) I found some nice fabrics that were reasonably priced. A friend also bought me about $100 worth of fabric there last year and I got got at least 9 metres - 3 of silk, and the rest of Japanese cottons. I think give it another go if you get the chance (plus who can resist the fabulous food in Singapore!)

Deb said...

I was wondering how you were going up there with all the rain. I am hoping tomorrows predicted deluge doesn't appear, we've had more than enough rain already!

KID, MD said...

Adorable skirt and I love the way you placed the border print. Too bad the shipping experience was so poor.

And WOW to the flooding pictures! I'm glad you and your family are on high ground!

Anonymous said...

What a pain about the fabric! That is such gorgeous fabric, though. Hopefully the cute skirt makes up for it.

That flooding is CRAZY. Glad you are safe and high (if not particularly dry ;) ) at least.

lizajane said...

That fabric is beautiful, even if it wasn't what it was supposed to be. The flooding is crazy! I hope you and your family are dry soon.

sewing spots said...

Thanks for the flooding update. Hope it's over soon. We have unexpected snow to deal with today and more on the way next week :(

I *love* your skirt! The fabric is beautiful. It makes a great outfit with your knit top.

Anita (Summer Gypsy) said...

Your skirt is great. Very cute at that length. You sound very (positively) philosphical about your daughters less than enthusiastic interest in sewing. You are right. Each of us has different passions. I admire you the way you're approaching it. And OMG on the flooding. It's all over the news here in Florida.

Juliane said...

Neat skirt and gorgeous fabric!

We went through a terrible flood about 15 years ago, and I remember it vividly. No power, no water, but lots of time for reading, knitting, and needlework.

Myrna said...

My daughter is 24. Before Christmas she said that she is thinking of sewing. I'm trying not to be too excited or pushy. I totally understand what you mean. My friend's daughter LOVES to sew and design and tries all kinds of things. I'm a bit jealous... and hopeful.

Sharon said...

Cute skirt and great use of the fabric.

Handmade said...

Love that fabric - a great skirt - Brisbane is also very wet I hear ... they may be stuck there for a while??

Gail said...

I like your skirt. The river level looks pretty high up there. My parents live in Brisbane and they can't get out with all the rain as they don't drive any more. The wet has just hit Sydney, but I don't think we are in for floods.

Thread of Light said...

To be honest, when my mother did exactly the same as you did with your daughter, I felt she had 'forced' me to sew too. I just wanted her to gimme the finished product!
Heh, she was pretty sneaky. It didn't take long for me to realise it was a lot quicker and easier to just get in there and make my own clothes. Mind you I got her to set my zips in for years. "But it is such a nice dress, mum and I am not good at setting zips in, and I don't want to spoil it."

She taught my sister and brother the same way. Nowadays they really only take up hems or fix seams - as you say, it is an important life skill. However the passion for fabrics, and creating your own individual style that learning to sew fosters, is still very strong in my sister. She is very happy to discuss sewing with me, even if she barely sews herself.

Glad to see you are high and dry. I hope your parents and kids are in an ok area of Brisbane.

And I do like your skirt, even if the shopping expedition was so very disappointing.