Sunday, 9 January 2011

Works in Progress.

I am trying not to post too much about our flood, but really, it is soooo boring.
It has been raining for at least a 6 weeks, with only brief intervals of respite, and today it was pouring all day. The highway to Brisbane is still underwater, and there is no fresh milk left in town. I do not fancy tea made with powdered milk (1 litre left in fridge). I must count my blessings. Family safe, check, dry, check (except for that leak in the hall), fed, check (too much really), bed to sleep in (check,) sewing project(check). No worries!
I sewed for 10 hours at least today. See my tailor basting, catch stitching and pad stitching?
3 new things in one day. Not much to show for 10 hours IMO. I also made a little leather guard for my left index finger after it started bleeding due to too much unjudicious stabbing, and vowed to obtain a thimble that actually fits. (My husband kindly squashed my cheap and nasty too big thimble so that when worn sideways it does not fall off, but this is not quite adequate). Here are photos of yesterday's coat lining.
I have placed it on Genevieve in order to provide inspiration whilst tailor basting. I need it.
Fortunately for me, my older daughter was sufficiently bored by being trapped inside, (or possibly inspired by her sister's success) to start sewing herself a dress, so I had company in the sewing room. Bliss!
(Wearing polar fleece jacket due to temperature falling below 30 degrees C - girl of the tropics this one!)
My older daughter is quite accomplished at sewing. For some strange reason she prefers drawing, writing and knitting as leisure activities, but there is a toe in the door....
She did not quite finish her dress today. In fact she said to me at one point "I do not like sewing, because every time I make something, I reach a point where I want to cry."
I did not like to admit to her, that this still happens on occasion even when one has been sewing for 28 years or so. I unpicked for about 15 minutes until she felt better. (Note to self, must buy a new quick unpick when haberdashery shop not underwater).
I am not crying about sewing today. Floods are rather good for coat progress.


Ruthie said...

Ah I wondered if you were in the area affected by the floods. Hang in there! Here it once trained every day for 4 months, and we didn't really get any serious flooding but I think that's because it was only a bit of rain each day, the rocks are porous and it seeps away and becuase its normal here to rain a lot the drains and stuff are built for it. Try herbal tea if you have any at the back of the cupboard, that is better without milk anyway!

ejvc said...

From every cloud a silver lining?

Glad you are well.

Carolyn said...

Wow, those flood pictures are just amazing!! Glad you are finding something useful and productive to do, although being without milk for the tea would be reasonably devastating when one is confined to the house...! I hope you can get through soon.
Is that another Lady Grey coat?

shams said...

Yes, stay dry and safe? Is soy milk an option? Vanilla is quite yummy and it's what I use. ;)

shams said...

Of course I mean, stay dry and safe!

tanitisis said...

I do believe I spy another Lady Grey in the works?

We rarely (never?) have catastrophic floods here, but I have to say I love blizzards. There's something oddly liberating about accepting that sometimes you just have to duck your head and let nature take its course.

Of course, I might be singing a different tune if it were my basement full of water... >_<

Joy said...

Wow, 8 hours of stitching in a day is quite impressive. I like rain now and then, but 3 straight weeks would tend to dampen the spirits as well as the outdoors.

As for the milk...maybe a cow will float by?

Sharon said...

Your coat is coming along well, and yes it is a lot of work for little to show but so worth it in the end.

Glad you and the family are all safe, well and dry and hopefully you can ration the milk until they get more supply in.

Gail said...

Well at least your daughter might bored enough to want to learn to sew.

Carol said...

I had the foresight to stock up on milk, dog chicken and wine. My tea supplies never run short- the sign of a true addict. The downside this morning was that there is so much groundwater that my septic system has overflowed. I've had the dehumidifier going in my sewing room for a week. I think I am growing webbed feet. I wish I could email you some milk!

Handmade said...

WOW - things are really happening - glad that you are OK - great sewing progress!