Saturday, 26 February 2011

Fabric acquisition

I know some people find fabric posts deadly dull. Be warned, this is one of those posts.
Personally I adore fabric posts, particularly my own, because buying fabric is one of life's great pleasures. The possiblities! The infusion of pleasure into a day otherwise spent doing tremendously boring but necessary work type things!
In true fabric addict fashion, I have been mentally encouraging my sewing of burdensome stash and scraps by promising myself some shiny new fabric to fill the lacunae.

Ta da! from Gardams Indooropilly
Silk chiffon remnants for scarves(do not ask me about my good intentions to balance my stash by not buying more silk) and some heavy lime green linen for a skirt (my monitor shows an icky khaki - ignore that).
My son picked out the red chiffon for me. He also told me that silk feels better than polyester. A boy after my own heart. I must make him some more boring pyjamas.

Louise at Gardams recognised my dress - from my blog. I found this a bit confronting. Did she like it - either the blog or the dress? I was too embarrassed to ask her. Instead I talked to her about making gloves. Gardams has stretch pleather in the most delicious subdued red. This is the recommended fabric on the Vogue glove pattern from which I plan to eventually copy Carolyn's elegant pair (although mine will be wrist length gloves - I am not sufficiently glamorous to carry off elbow length gloves). Louise kindly cut me a sample, so that I can delay the purchase and prevent it becoming stash before I get around to the gloves place in the queue.

Next my husband had planned to get a coffee. I cunningly led him towards the shopping centre a mere block or three away and snuck into Sckafs.
Again I did well in the remnant pile, with some novelty cotton for boxers, and also in the 20% off sale, where I bought a viscose-spandex striped knit at the instigation of daughter the second (I have noooo long sleeved t shirts, Mum) and an unusual weave of cotton which will be a work shirt for me.
I managed to avoid the silk here by asking my husband to fetch me once he had finished his coffee. He drank it very quickly IMO. I had fancied checking out the glitzy zippers. Sigh.
That was my sewing today. Pitiful really.
Here is some more fabric from Friday's mail (who needs a trip to Brisbane for fabric?). This fabric shows my excellent sewing luck, as it is from the generous prize by Brensan Studios for my random prize win in the Pattern review contest Endless Combinations challenge during December.

This fabric etc is 3/5ths Bren's prize, and 2/5ths my purchase. I decided that I should pay for the postage with my own money, instead of wasting the prize money on such non fabric things.


There are two colourways of a linen blend (that blue looking bit on my monitor is actually a deep teal) which might be autumn dresses, and some "South" Pacific rayon batik, which will definitely be a dress. That is North Pacific from here.
I rather fancy the soutache braid and the Asian buttons. I have no idea what I will do with them.


sewing spots said...

I like fabric purchases posts! It's fun to see what others buy. And isn't it exciting to be thinking about what you'll be making? Very inspirational! Have fun!

KID, MD said...

I love fabric posts, too. So fun to what has sparked the imagination of a fellow sewist. You got some lovely pieces!

Paddy Kelleher Designs said...

"...A boy after my own heart. I must make him some more boring pyjamas."

I am now looking for any suggestions for the removal of tea from one's monitor and keyboard.

How true though. All I make my son anymore are pyjamas and even then only the bottoms.

The fabrics look yummy though.. Can't wait to see them mde up.

Pascale from Paris said...

I love fabric posts!
I love your others posts too... I think I will send you an email with all the coments I don't had time to writte before you post another post !

Joy said...

It is fun to see fabric posts, especially to see what different people get excited about. With all that stash sewing you've been doing, you must have a giant hole in your fabric cupboard. Sadly, I've sewn 33 yards since Jan. 1 and notice no dent in my stash, and yet my scrap bin is overflowing...

Mary Nanna said...

I applaud your stash busting work. I actually hate having stash, and yet with the differential between purchase and production stash is inevitable. Sigh.

Actually I enjoy all kinds of posts. I love seeing 'roundup' posts - ones where people revisit what they've made recently and what worked etc, I like fabric purchase and pattern purchase posts - I like seeing people's children and their holiday posts - if the blogger writes well and with purpose all sorts of things become interesting.

Imaan said...

I am another one who likes fabric posts. And I like your blog in general, and seeing what you sew up, and also, as Mary Nanna noted, I am of those who likes a peek into the life of others, so anything interesting about your life, your kids, where you live etc, if you care to share, and write well, is welcome :-)

Anonymous said...

I love fabric posts too! But I like all your posts- you have a way with words...

I had someone recognise me through my dress via my blog or perhaps Pattern Review too, at a fabric sale. It was a bit confronting but also gratifying... my one (and only moment of "fame"


Handmade said...

I don't so much love the fabric posts per se, but I love your enthusiasm and hopes for future projects and how you can justify your purchases - that's the best bit!!

Gardams said...

Sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable, but yes I do like the dress, and I really enjoy reading your blog.

Carolyn said...

Hehe, I LOVE fabric posts! But ironically I always feel so guilty about doing my own, so this post has inspired me to take photos of my fabric occasionally too...
You have some wonderful purchases here. What a wonderful and hugely satisfying day out.