Monday, 28 February 2011

BWOF 4-2009-119 cream linen lined trousers

I am not entirely sure of all the factors that inspired me to make cream linen trousers, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it was a terrible case of itchy bites after an evening social occasion. This time of year abounds with out-door barbeques, and I am always the first person to notice that the mosquitoes have arrived at the event. I am not sure if this is due to my overwhelming attractiveness to biting insects, or because I am usually wearing a dress.


Next barbeque, I will wear trousers, even though a dress would look better.
These trousers are from my old faithful pattern 4-2009-118, although I am calling them 119 because I have left off the pockets, and lined them with cotton batiste. This is the difference between the two patterns.
I have also moved the zip to the side. I am not very good at side zips on trousers, if they are my trousers, due to a certain curviness in this region. I think the side zip does make the trousers look more feminine.


I also tried making loops for the buttons. This would have worked really well, had I measured the loops a little more accurately against the buttons. I had to put bigger buttons on than I originally planned, and you can see here that they are almost too big to fit on the waistband.

Disclaimer: The trousers do fasten at the waist, I undid the buttons for the photo so as to display the loops and the unfortunate zip

Fortunately, these little home ecky regions will be disguised by a nice long blouse or t shirt. Maybe I will wear my knee length transparent tunic and really annoy the mozzies.


Shannon said...

I think they turned out great and look lovely on you. You'll definitely get a lot of wear out of these- they will look good with some many different tops!

Carolyn said...

These trousers look very nice, and summery.
I think you were right about the shorter sleeves, perhaps I should have left them off altogether. Thus leaving plenty of fabric for a nice little top for self...!

Vida Costura said...

Olá, as calças ficaram impecáveis, parabéns. E fique tranquila, você não é a única que é perseguida pelos mesquitos. :)



Joy said...

I see we both have trousers on the mind.

I really like them in cream linen; so tranquil and summery.

Come to think of it; I've made this pattern twice (with the fly front). Sadly, both have been relegated to Good-Will...Learn and move on, right?

Mary Nanna said...

Very nice trousers - I do love cream - it has such a richness about it - I'm sure those pants will be great protection.

Ruthie said...

Summery, and I so understand about the mozzies, I am irresistable to them!

Carol said...

I'm itching to try a back zip on pants. I think that might work best for me, especially now I have stacked on weight! I admire your ability to wear cream pants to a function which will involve food and red wine and not come home covered in it.

gwensews said...

Those look terrific! I don't know if they will drive the mosquitos away, but they are sure to get compliments!

Gail said...

I'd love a pair just like these. Great job.

Lyndle said...

I think these trousers look great on you. You should slap the hand of anyone who examines your side waistband. Totally unwarranted behaviour at a bbq!
A diet high in vitamin B is supposed to deter mozzies - vegemite all the way!

Patricia said...

I am also very attractive to mosquitos. At least some species appreciates my pasty skin.
The trousers look good. You could always hand stitch your loops closed a little way if you find the buttons too big.