Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Ottobre 02-2011-1, stripey t shirt

My daughter (the second) is not terribly interested in delayed gratification. I received this magazine yesterday.


D2"You know that t shirt you are making me?"
D2"You could make this one with the square neckline and short sleeves"


"What about having noooo long sleeved tops?"
D2"It is too hot to wear long sleeved tops at the moment"
There is no arguing with that.

I had not made anything from Ottobre before. My daughter has mostly the measurements of size 34 in Ottobre, aside from her height, which is rather a lot less than 168cm.

This t shirt is a straight size 34, other than being shortened by about 8cm. ( I also straightened the bottom of the cap sleeve a little, so that the hem would show a straight stripe)


I am very pleased with the fit, and also the excellent drafting of the pattern. I particularly admired the instructions for using either a conventional machine, and/or overlocker, and /or a coverstitch machine. Ottobre knows there are machine junkies out there in sewing land :) . I think the fabric is quite similar in weight and stretch to that shown in the magazine, being a very thin viscose-spandex knit.
I managed to completely abolish the nicely shaped neckline, which is the whole interest of this shirt, by stretching the binding too hard as I used the coverstitch (the coverstitch and I still have a tenuous relationship)I also cleverly forgot to add the back neckline dart to make the v.


So we have here a bog standard t shirt, but fortunately my daughter is enarmoured of both the fabric, which she selected, and the vertically striped binding (which I lifted straight from Joy's clever knit sewing at this post). Thanks Joy.
Next she wants bell bottomed jeans. I do not think these will be quite so quick and easy.


katherine h said...

That's a great fit. Oh, to be so simply and easliy satisfied...

Mary Nanna said...

I also received my Ottobre yesterday and all I have done so far is looked. You are amazing. Your daughter also looks amazing - great choice of pattern and style for her.

Are you planning anything for yourself out of it?

lizajane said...

Awesome! I just made a striped knit top and I noticed that the sleeves did not end on a straight stripe. I thought it was just something I did wrong. Love the binding.

shams said...

So utterly adorable, Karen. Both the top and your daughter.

KID, MD said...

She's adorable! Cute top and I love her hair.

Summer Flies said...

I got my first Ottobre yesterday too but all like Mary Nanna, I have only looked too. Fantastically quick work and wonderful t-shirt. I really like Ottobre from what I've seen so far and it's nice to hear from such an accomplished talent that the patterns are well drafted.
I can't wait to work on mine too.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! As you know I really like Ottobre patterns, both for the instructions and drafting, and your daughter has an excellent eye for fabric and pattern!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

The shirt looks awesome on her, and I love the binding detail.

I just bought two back issues and I believe I may have to get this one too :)

Carol said...

This is cute. I really want to take a look at that Ottobre. I've never seen one in the stores.

Joy said...

I just looked and I've done 106 blog posts tagged Ottobre, so of course I enjoy their patterns.

The t-shirt is adorable, even with the variations on the pattern (: Next time, you can add the back vee.

My dd chose my flower-shaped cake pan for her birthday cake a few weeks ago. So easy to do, and such great results. About 35 minutes into the bake time, I realized I'd used the rectangular pan. Next year, honey, you can have a flower cake!

Sue said...

I have really taken a liking to Ottobre and have recently subscribed so I am still waiting for this issue. I can't believe how quickly you made this up. The fabric is great and the neckline looks great with that binding.

Miranda said...

I adore Ottobre patterns. I seem to have an Ottobre figure, except that they all have freakishly long legs. That must be the explanation for my having to shorten legs! Can't be short legs!

The top is great, you did a great job and glad your DD is pleased!

Gabrielle said...

That's such a cute top, looks beautifully made, regardless of what you say about the shape of the neckline - and it's great that your daughter chose it and is enjoying it too!
PS my word verification was "hottop" which I think means "hot top" :-)

Gail said...

Your daughter is really coming into her stride.