Friday, 4 March 2011

Ottobre 2-20110-1 t shirt, what was I thinking?

I am not terribly good at delayed gratification either. Here is my first Ottobre sewing, the same t shirt as in the last post, but for me.


I have absolutely no grumbles with the pattern. I went up a size from my measurements, after noticing that there was negative ease in the pattern from my daughter's version, and preferring a less fitted shirt for myself.
I made my standard-to-most patterns adjustments - square shoulder (but only 3mm, as the shoulders look a little more square to me than Burda or big4) t shirt side bump FBA courtesy of Belinda (I was going to link to her excellent post on how to do this, but the search function is limited so you will have to scroll through for it yourself), and a really HUGE arm circumference adjustment (bigger than Burda :( ). I also swapped out the sleeves for the #16 sleeves (sleeve cap exactly the same between patterns, Yay) I then lengthened the sleeve to 7/8 length on me. It fits quite nicely. You will have to trust the look on Genevieve though, as it is too hot to put this on again for mere photographs.

I managed to avoid over stretching the neckline binding, so it looks sort of squarish in the front like the line drawing, and I remembered to put in the back dart to give a v neck.


Despite these successes, I do not like this t shirt.

The fabric was bought over the internet, after I unwisely lusted after the incredible cut-up-a-big-print garments exhibited on the blogs of the Slapdash Sewist, Miss Celie's Pants and BehindtheSeams among others (Um, about 2 years ago, but I have never claimed to be on the cutting edge of fashion). They make it look so easy!
It was not easy.

The fabric was considerably more bright, and somehow larger, than I had been expecting.

It has been in and out of the stash several times, but I thought I had better use it before even in the far reaches of rural Australia, it would look very dated.

I did not buy wisely. I had not bought enough fabric to play around with placement. In addition, I do not seem to be able to cut out symmetrically.

Here is some piecing I tried so that I could squeeze in the sleeves.


I am pleased with my pattern matching in some spots.


I love the colours in the fabric, but find the overall effect plain ugly, and also with a distinct "LOOK AT ME" vibe, which is not really my cup of tea.

My teenage fashion panel made a styling suggestion.


I do not think they like it either.

Fortunately this fabric will not go to waste.


I have made some things using this pattern, #20, from the same magazine, and they not only fit well, but are super comfortable with the stretchy and soft rayon knit.The fabric print looks much more stylish in smaller sections. The garments do have an unfortunate matronly waist height reminiscent of Bonds Cottontails, but this is easily fixed.
I may get another pair or two from my wadder.


Rose said...

I love how you placed the pattern on the fabric print. You produced a beautiful result.

Rose in SV

Mae said...

Contemplating my stash, I've been thinking lately about the difference between "I love this fabric" and "I love this garment". I think I need to buy more boring fabric in future.

Carolyn said...

Often I've been swayed by what I thought was a yummy print, and then a few weeks later start with the "what was I thinking" agonising. It's a pity that you are disappointed with your Tshirt, but undies are always a welcome addition to the wardrobe. Nice save!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I like the t-shirt. I think you should wait until cool weather comes to cut it up--you may find that it is perfect for chilly, gray days. That kind of vaguely ethnic/tribal print never really goes out of style. You did such a great job matching up the print at the side seam!

Joy said...

Who knows, you might love the print in smaller doses. I have a whole pile of discarded t-shirts waiting for that purpose. I've made only one pair, though, from another Ottobre issue. "Matronly" describes the waist height well (: Will have to try again.

TE said...

For all of you scoffing at "matronly" styled undies, check the back view! Your's and anyone elses. And the side and front views, for that matter. Those full coverage undies can give a smooth underlayer without an extra dent.

I'm not a fan of butt floss, which is another way to get a smooth outer layer.

Victoria said...

I actually love this top! The colors are so cool! I've made things I weren't too fond of only to come back and like it later. Maybe it will grow on you:)