Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Workhorse garment, workhorse pattern, BWOF 4-2009-118 trousers

Thank you for the expressions of sympathy in reply to my last post. I appreciate them very much.

Over the weekend I made work trousers. I used my TNT trouser pattern BWOF 4-2009-118, (is it wrong to feel smug about being able to write tried and true about a trousers pattern?) which so far this year has been tracksuit pants with a side zip, cream linen trousers, and pyjama pants. None of these earlier efforts had much in the way of details, which is usually how I like my trousers - inconspicuous.
I put in a bit more effort this time, but hopefully still have inconspicuous trousers. I am trying to embrace the seemingly constant lack of work trousers in my wardrobe by smartening them up a trifle, so I actually fancy sewing some.
Fortunately, I managed to have a few photographs taken of these trousers before I spilt tea all over them whilst eating breakfast this morning. No wonder I am always needing new work trousers!
These trousers are made from vintage fabric I purchased from a lady in her 80's.
The fabric is Lincraft brand wool, with the name woven into the selvage, and is at least 20 years old. It is rather nice fabric, so it is a real pity it is no longer produced.
I used the internal waistband pocket and extended buttoning tab I have described before, as I find this pocket very useful for my mobile phone whilst at work. I am trying to train myself not to keep a pen in this pocket, as leaky pens have been the demise of more than one pair of my work trousers. I am hoping that making the pocket 5cm too short for my pen will assist in this endeavour.


I lined the trousers with cotton batiste, and bound exposed seams. This sort of secret inside sewing almost makes me enjoy work trousers.


a little sewing said...

You are quite entitled to your feelings (did you say smug?) about your pattern! You just gave me an idea that my next mobile phone has to be appropriately sized to carry in a pocket. Then I will do as you have done and sew pants with phone pockets.

Gail said...

Of course it is ok to feel a little smug! I'm ready to try some trousers - hope mine come out as good as yours.

Sharon said...

Yes you can be smug, just wish it was me :) Your trousers are very smart,that fabric sounds divine and the inside details are special.

Mary Nanna said...

I love the buttons on this and the contrast fabric inside. Having a TNT pant pattern is a really really good thing to have.

Handmade said...

Great work - Lincraft ...hmmm - still an hour's journey for me - they used to be great .... but now I hear they are a pot pouri of crafty stuff.

Carolyn said...

These look wonderful! You have every right to feel smug, think of all that work that went into classifying it as tried and true?!
I like the pretty floral fabric on the inside, a nice detail just for the wearer to enjoy

Uta said...

I love these trousers, they're just the right kind of basic, classic and flattering. The buttons are very cute, too! I must remember your idea of an extra pocket for the mobile if I ever make pants again; I'm the person who never gets their mobile because it's lost in a bag somewhere. My condolences on losing your grandfather; what a long and fulfilled life.

Carolyn said...

Thanks for your comment... I wouldn't expect Aussies to hear much of an accent in my speech! I guess I mentioned a possible slight difference between Aussie accents because my mother-in-law is from Victoria, and she has a real Kath and Kim accent. Also, people hailing from rural areas sometimes have an ocker accent. But I agree that we are pretty much the same across the board!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Love the button and tab details! They really do add something special to these trousers. And the inside is a lovely secret to have as well.

Gabrielle said...

How great to have a TNT trousers pattern! These look very smart and practical, and I love those personalised details!