Sunday, 18 December 2011

Deadline December Vogue 8096 Bicycle shirt version 2

After I foolishly gave my husband his Christmas present early. Mary Nanna commented that she hoped I wouldn't have to give him something else. Of course not! I thought, but as Christmas drew closer, the thought of him not having something to unwrap on Christmas day was making me feel bad, so I made up the other fabric I had ordered from Spoonflower at the same time.

I enjoyed making this shirt, as I gave considerable reign to my tendency to overembellish - something I generally have to restrain when making man clothes.
That is a chain machine embroidery stitch, being topical and holding the placket inside down most effectively.

These are the cuff buttons, with a little bullion stitch hand embroidery, which no one will ever see, as my husband will wear this shirt with the sleeves rolled up.
So here is the flat felled seam on the sleeves, which will be constantly visible.

Unfortunately I was not nearly so impressed with this fabric as I was with the first bicycle shirt.
The fabric is an off white, and does not have as pleasant a hand as the other piece. In addition, the print is off grain, and as the print is rather large, this was an issue in pattern matching.
I chose to match at the centre back yoke, and let the other wheels be a little off, which I think looks OK. I did I kept the back pleats at the sides, as shown in the pattern, rather than in the centre, which I generally prefer. I used the same central only matching technique with the sleeves at the yoke seam. At the front, I matched the wheels across the placket, so I hope the fronts being off grain does not affect the hang of the shirt too much.

I topstitched using my hand cranked Singer 28. It has a beautiful straight stitch, and made the topstitching very easy.

I used a black and white pinstriped shirting cotton from Michael's fabric for the collar and cuff contrast, with self fabric for the placket and cuff interfacing, and fusible shirt interfacing from Fashion Sewing Supply for the collar and stand.

Off topic, I took the photographs on our back verandah, which is at canopy level for our Lilli-Pilli trees, in fruit at the moment. This fig bird was eating the Lilli-Pillies 2 metres away from me.
Does this look like a Christmas card to you?
It looked even better when the bird had 3 berries in its beak, matching its cheek plumage perfectly.


Anonymous said...

You mean I'm not the only one who gives something early and then feeling guilty about them having nothing to open? I do that even if I buy something big intending it to be for hubby's b-day/Christmas (since they're close together.)

Your shirt turned out fabulous, your hubby is going to be one stylish guy. :-) L.O.V.E. the little bicycle embellishment on the cuffs--too cute! Erm, I mean studly...?

KID, MD said...

Wonderful shirt! I love all the details, particularly the bicycle button/embroidery. Very cute! I think your print matching solutions are good, although how disappointing that Spoonflower printed it off grain.

Mary Nanna said...

wow - all that sewing for nieces and nephew and 2 shirts for husband. I can feel the glow of virtue from here.. hope it will cheer me on to finish 2 last aprons. "could be worse," I'll mutter to myself, "I could be sewing another shirt.."

love this version too, especially the buttons at the cuff- such a shame this little detail will get so few outings.

Doobee64 said...

How lucky is your Hubby!!! Now he will really have a surprise on Xmas day, since he thinks he already has had his gift. Great job on this shirt, participially the difficulty with the matching. Just love the little details that you pop on...

Kyle said...

That bicycle button embroidery is super creative. LOVE IT.
What a lot of work went into this shirt. You are amazing!

Mary said...

This is wonderful-I loved the last guy shirt and this one too. Thanks for sharing all the details. You did a great job matching the print.

velosewer said...

You do such great detailing. He'll love this shirt for sure. I reckon the bird pic will make a great Christmas card too.

Carol said...

You've outdone yourself this time. I like that the button detail will remain hidden. It's a blokey version of a bold lining inside a dress. Lovely stuff.

katherine h said...

I love that button bicycle detail! So has he seen this shirt, given that it is on your nlog? Will he have something to unwrap on Christmas Day?

kbenco said...

My husband does not read my blog. The poor man hears quite enough about sewing already.

Sharon said...

The bicycle on the cuff is gorgeous and your pattern matching is perfect an amazing shirt, lucky guy.

Jilly Be said...

I LOVE all the little details - especially the bicycle cuff embroidery :) It gives me double smiles since I just bought a bike today! :D