Friday, 16 December 2011

Remnant creation nightie

Thank you for all the kind comments re my niece sewing. Yes, I do try to make something for all my nieces (some of whom technically belong to my husband) each Christmas. I had a sewing Auntie when I was young, and vividly remember the fabulous 80's wild print board shorts she sewed all the cousins each year. We loved them. She stopped sewing in the 90's for some inexplicable reason, but her recent acquisition of a grand-daughter (her son is the same age as me, and has a not quite 1 year old daughter, whilst I have a nearly 17 year old!) has started her sewing again, I wonder if she will join the internet sewing community)
Some of the niece sewing was from remnants. This made me feel very clever.
However, there were some colour requests. My first niece asked for purples/green/light blue. I had just bought some fabric that matched this description perfectly. The only problem was that I am a selfish Auntie, and had bought it for myself for a specific garment. Not only that, but it was from Spotlight, and was rather a skimpy width, which is their nasty habit for making the fabric look less expensive than it actually is per square metre.
Naturally, I had to cut out my project to see if there was any left over for my niece, and naturally, once I had cut it out to create a small remnant, it would have been incredibly annoying to have a cut out nightie lying around in my sewing space whilst I did all my planned Christmas gift sewing.
See what happened?
This is my favourite nightie pattern, from Burda 11-2009, about # 134, the fabric is cotton voile. I went to Spotlight a few weeks ago (a multi hour trek) as fellow Queenslanders Katherineh and Bernice both posted that they had found some very nice cotton prints from Spotlight recently, and this was a great tip, I bought about 25m of different prints in voiles, lawns - one even a Tana lawn, and slightly heavier weaves. (Kawana Waters, if anyone who is reading lives around here).
I felt delightfully self indulgent whilst I was sewing this. There is nothing like a bit of gift sewing to make you appreciate the gift of time used for yourself.


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Kawana Waters must have different stock to Mt. Gravatt!!!! Your fabric looks great, as does the nightie - lucky little niece...

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Gorgeous !