Monday, 2 January 2012

Best and Worst of 2011, show ponies and to the knackers

I threatened mentioned that I planned a second wrap up post, being very bad at condensing, so here is the fun and frivolity part of my sewing
Best outcomes (wearability and sewing success), in reverse order
3.Beach dress Burda World of Fashion 07-2009-105

This is an incredibly practical garment. I wear it at home a lot, but feel quite respectable wearing it to get the groceries (and to the beach).It was out of my comfort zone in both fabric and pattern shape, but turned out very well.

2.Collette Parfait (1003),with 4 gored flared skirt added
This required minimal fitting, I made 3 at the end of last summer, and I wear them constantly.
1.Vogue 8728 reproduction 1946 dress
This is a terrific pattern,flattering,easy, well drafted and using less fabric than one would expect. I have made two so far, and version 3 is in the pipeline.

All dresses. You might think from the last post that most of what I make are t shirts, but dresses are my first sewing love.

Most fun sewing
No dresses.Here is impractically and sewing self indulgence. This counters the workhorse sewing nicely.

Collette Lady Grey Coat-lengthened, and buttoned, brown cotton velvet with washed silk lining.

I made this coat during the QLD floods early this year. As MaryNanna pointed out in the leather jacket post, it is rather a warm climate here for this sort of garment. However, I did wear this several times during winter, which lasts at least 8 weeks, and during which I always seem to have to attend evening events at outdoor or unheated venues.

In fact, it saved me from a serious wardrobe malfunction, which brings me to the Worst outcomes of 2011
1.The disappearing skirt. This was a straight skirt I whipped up to attend a conference dinner, no fault of the pattern, but an interesting crinkly bronze/brown synthetic fabric from Kerryn's Fabric world. The fabric split in several places during the evening, and the skirt was not tight. I was only saved by my knee length coat.Whew! I will be tugging all synthetic fabrics prior to purchase in future.
An internet surprise fabric, this print was too large and loud for me.
3.Burda Style 06-2011-102

I tried really hard to fix this dress,but it is now sitting on the mending pile waiting to be turned into a blouse. Win some, lose some.

This year, I want to make a leather jacket and use more silk. I think I can manage that level of planning.


Kyle said...

That coat is gorgeous! Somehow I missed it this year.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the round up! You know I will be stealing many patterns in a homage to you.

Karin said...

There is nothing blah about your work-horses. I like them all. I have had the vogue pattern sitting in my stash. I've had it for a couple of years without getting around to it! Your version is so lovely, it makes me want to get going!

Mary Nanna said...

I love the Collette parfait dress on you - and it looks just right - like the Macaron dress I think these 2 styles of Collette are timeless. For some reason the ones in her pattern book look exceptionally youthful to me, while the ones on her website seem more age generic.

I used to wonder if it was details that made something look young or old. But I have seen the October version of Burda with a peter pan collar that has looked stunning on the 50 plus crowd so I had to rethink that idea.

Maybe a combination of details and silhouette and fabric give an overall feel that either suits a younger or older person?

I digress - congratulations on some great sewing successes and some excellent 'learning experiences.'

liza jane said...

I love all your parfaits! It's such a great pattern. Also your Lady Grey is really nice. I like the added length. I am so impressed with your productivity!

Ruthie said...

I love that print that's too loud for you!!!!!

Rose said...

I love what you did with the border print! The fabric *is* very loud, but I like how you utilized the fabric placement.

Thank you for the wrap up! I wish you the best for the New Year!

Rose in SV

Carol said...

I'd forgotten about the Lady Grey coat. Perhaps I need one. I have developed what is bordering on an obsession with coats now I live in a cool climate. I think I need to investigate Colette patterns, too. Like I need anything else in my sewing queue.

a little sewing said...

My favorite is your version of the Vogue 8728 reproduction 1946 dress. You are really good at selecting styles for your figure (your wonderful waistline). I like your style Karen!

Carolyn said...

Your version of the Lady Grey coat is absolutely stunning and superior to the original pattern imo! Beautiful work!
I really adore all of your dresses too, in particular the Vogue one you named as your favourite. Stunning!
I know what you mean about that Burdastyle dress. Having made it myself I reckon a veeeery drapey fabric is essential to getting away with that blousey silhouette. I lucked out by choosing this sort of fabric from the word go, since I absolutely love my version now.

Doobee64 said...

Love the 2 dresses, as well as the coat - very clever work!
How surprising to hear that a Kerryn's fabric was so bad - I had that once, but at least I can blame Bargain Box for the dud fabric.
Looking forward to lots of 'Best' outfits this year from you...

angie.a said...

I love all of these, but the vintage Vogue may be my favorite? So flattering. :)

Sherry said...

I love the dresses - no wonder you wear them often and have made multiples!
Happy New Year!

shams said...

I also love the print that you feel is too loud for you!! And you have some other beautiful pieces too. :)

NaturallySo said...

That is an amazing coat. I can't wait until I master sleeves so that I can start making them. I'd love to show this on my site..

sewing spots said...

I love your dresses and that coat! Beautiful. What a great sewing year you've had!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I *almost* got to V8727 before it got too cold and now you are making me wish I had done so, as that is so cute. Love your two-part wrap up! Happy New Year, looking forward to see what you get into in 2012.

velosewer said...

Here's a link to a bike lane dress that I thought you might like.
It just said kbenco to me based on the shirts you've done for DH.