Sunday, 1 January 2012

Best Patterns of 2011, Workhorse category

I am not very good at reflecting. I like to dash forward to the next thing, which is why I posted about my current project yesterday instead of writing this end of year post. However, the leather is encouraging procrastination, so I have decided a little reflection is a good thing.
I sew most of my own clothes, and quite a lot of my family's clothing, and also sew for pure frivolity, so my best pattern post needs a few divisions.

Workhorse Patterns of 2011
This category recognises those reliable patterns that allow one to cover the body, not necessarily in a stylish or fashionable manner, and the inclusion requirement is purely numercial - how many garments were produced from this single pattern, which lends the category to quickly sewn projects. 5 of these patterns are new to me in 2011,, so I have found some Very Useful patterns this year.

In reverse order.

10: Burda Style 02-2011-107 skirt
There were several contenders for this spot, at 4 garments completed for one person, so I have included the one I think will have most longevity as a workhorse pattern, a shaped pencil skirt.


9: Ottobre 05-2010-19 and 20, sharing this spot with 4 each, for one person, as they are frankly too dull to deserve two places in the top 10

8: Burda 04-2009-118 my TNT trouser pattern. 2 work trousers, 1 pyjama trousers and 1 pair of side fastening cream linen trousers, all for me.

7.Vogue 8096 man's shirt, 5 of them for my spoilt husband. He appreciates spoiling.

6.Burda World of Fashion 09-2008-144, boy's woven collarless shirt, adapted to knit t shirt shape for 3 t shirts and 2 pyjama tops.

5.Ottobre t shirt 02-2011-1, 5 t shirts, for 2 people

4.Jalie Sweetheart top 2787, 5 t shirts, for 3 people, with variations to the pattern

3.Jalie Yoga Pants 2215, 6 pairs, for 3 people

2. Not really a workhorse pattern, but a production sewing effort, the Oliver + S ra-ra top I made for my 8 nieces for Christmas.(They were very well recieved, there is nothing like an almost 2 year old running around on Christmas morning yelling "my pretty" whilst clutching her new top to warm the cockles of a sewing auntie's heart)

1. Ta-da, The mystery pattern, Ottobre 02-2011-20, from which a finished garment has never been seen on the blog, despite over 20 items being made from this pattern this year for 3 persons in the house, from remnants.


You can't get more workhorse than that.

I will post about my other categories for best patterns later,.... maybe... my leather is looking less dangerous.


Julie Culshaw said...

Wow, you have been really productive! I am impressed. And you have a job too?

Summer Flies said...

You are the workhorse! You amaze me with your productivity along with working and having three children! Happy New Year to you and your well dress family!

Carol said...

I'm still impressed with your active wear sewing. I really must get to making my own gym clothes. I hope your leather sewing is going well. I have a skirt on the go but I've decided to watch a midday movie instead. Here's to a great 2012!

Mary Nanna said...

Ha! I laughed at the last entry - my sister has told me that if I ever get round to making my own underwear, she never wants to see it on my blog. Now I know what to do.

Jane M said...

Yikes, you must not sleep....or else the real workhorse is you at that machine. Terrific collection of so so useful patterns and wonderful garments. Happy New Year!

shams said...

A very productive year! I look forward to seeing where your creative urges take you in 2012! :)

Janine said...

Thanks for your comments lately - they really made me giggle.
I have loved reading about your sewing and family exploits during the year ,Happy New Year for 2012.
BTW love your new hairstyle .

Kyle said...

Holy cow you sew a LOT and it always looks perfect.
I agree with Jane M, it's YOU who are the workhorse.
The next time I make a dress, I'll have to run around the house yelling "my pretty" too. :)
Happy New Year!

Debra Martin said...

I agree with everyone that you are the workhorse! And everything looks so well made! Congrats on a great 2011 and I look forward to all your posts in 2012. Happy New Year.

sewing spots said...

What a great end of year post. It's neat to see which patterns were used the most.

Sigrid said...

Happy new year!
How wonderful to have patterns that you can use again and again. One of my goals (not necessary new for this year).

Sharon said...

Your productivity amazes me with a family and work and you stilll have made some amazing garments.

Is the leather cut? All the very best for 2012.