Sunday, 7 October 2012

Ottobre 02-2011-19 and 20 Swimwear

I have just been on a  holiday outback with my family. Here is our first stop, not in the outback yet, at Blackdown Tableland National Park, only a couple of hours west of Rockhampton.


Wait! There is actual sewing content in this post.
I made those togs.


Here they are again so you can actually see most of them, without TMI. (Well, I am a middle aged mother of 3, so you can't expect close up model shots, but can you fault the location? No, I didn't think so)


Here is another shot of the location, where you can see the impressiveness of the waterfall - I made the dress, and the boy's rashie.


Yet another location shot - I made the rashie here too, and the shorts.

Lets have some more sewing.
The pattern, is Ottobre 02-20110-19 and 20.


 The swimming costume does not look terribly like the technical drawing due to some changes during construction.


I actually made 2 x 2 piece costumes, thinking I could mix and match. I was inspired by Rosy's excellent bikini post to add the waist tie, which I rather like.
I modified the first top to a bikini style after my original attempt led to me feeling that the ruched Ottobre tankini top was terribly matronly looking and far too hot to wear under your all purpose cover up dress if you have to hike 2 km to your swimming spot.

I found the top very loose for a swimming costume, and ended up taking it in about 10 cm at the back, hence the very dodgy finish, which was due to post construction fitting.
The under bust band has elastic in the seam line, and feels quite supportive now.  I often find when sewing swimwear that due to fabric stretch variation I really need to make a trial version before the final version, due to fitting, and this set was no exception. I did not need to add the back clasps in retrospect, as I can put this on over my head without undoing it.


Prior to this complete mess, I was rather pleased with the pretty clasps (Remnant Fabrics, as is the outer print nylon lycra swimwear fabric, all solids are Chloroban from Stretchtex, and the lining is also from Stretchtex)

For the second version, I returned to the tankini style, but without the ruching, having only the upper bodice lined, and the lower bodice made from a single layer, cut from the lining pattern piece. I have made this tighter in the upper bodice by overlapping the pieces at the back, and by using 2 sizes smaller than my usual Ottobre size for the lower bodice piece. Ottobre may not have considered negative ease for swimwear necessary in their sizing, although they do mention the need for this in the sewing instructions.

For both the tops, I lined the strap pieces with swimwear outer fabric, for robustness. I did attempt the halter neck ties as in the design,  (although altering the pattern so that the straps angle towards the neck), but in both cases I found the knot uncomfortable and instead attached the straps at the back.


My cunning plan to avoid every having to put on wet, cold,  swim wear is to make a third set, mostly brown, in a more sporty style for lap swimming, and then possibly my swimming costumes will last a little longer than one season with a bit more rotation.


Sharon said...

Very pretty swimmers and beautiful location.

Ruth said...

Stunning location and great swimwear too. Good idea to mix and match the fabrics. I like the tie belt bottoms very much.

Carol said...

Totally impressed with your swimwear sewing. I feel like humming the tune to Picnic at Hanging Rock for some strange reason ...

Bernice said...

I remember swimming in that very waterhole and hanging around under that waterfall as a child. Such a beautiful place. Was the water as freezing as I remember?

I'm quite impressed with your swimmers. I'm intending to make myself a pair this Summer. I may just have to try an track down that Ottobre pattern as it's very similar to the design I have in my head.

Karin said...

What a beautiful spot! Your bathing suits are great too. I always imagine that sewing super stretchy swimwear would be a pain. Yours are very flattering.

Janine said...

Your togs are great - excellent idea to mix and match.
The location is beautiful - was the water cold ?
BTW I didn`t think you were even middle aged yet- you are looking great !

Summer Flies said...

I love your togs and that location. Lucky you guys! Great idea to make mix and match.

pdiddly said...

I agree with the others great location and outfits

Kyle said...

OMG your swimwear looks great and I LOVE the print!! LOVE IT.

Andrea said...

Great looking swimwear - love the cut clasp. The location is beautiful, too.

Gabrielle said...

What excellent swimmers - I love the fabric and your final designs too, and what a gorgeous model you roped in to show the swimmers off :-).

What sort of machine(s) / stitch(es) did you use in making these? Your finish is lovely. I've just made a pair of swimmers for my daughter - I am such an amateur compared to you :-) but can't wait to be able to sew myself something decent!

shams said...

Cute swimsuits and what a spectacular location!

Mary said...

What a gorgeous photo shoot location and how smart of you to make new swimwear. I have yet to attempt that...but soon as my suits are sagging.

Jilly Be said...

Gorgeous! Everything! Location, of course :), but I love your suit as well....almost makes me want to make one.... (if I had a destination like that in my near future I definitely would make one!)

a little sewing said...

the swimsuit fabric is soooo pretty that the messy little part will never be noticed. The location is just splendid, and I hope you will post more of the Outback!

velosewer said...

A swimsuit collection. How impressive. They are lovely, as it the Outback!

Suzy said...

Your bathers look fantastic on you and what a great location, it looks like something out of a travel magazine!

Carolyn said...

Oh, I am sorry I seemed to miss this post before...all the pieces in your bathers sets are very gorgeous. As are you.
And a very beautiful location too :)

fabric epiphanies said...

What a beautiful location and well done on the swimwear. You may think yourself a liitle too old to make supermodel status anymore but how about the poster girl for 40 something's? I would settle for that!

MushyWear said...

Great job on your bathing suit. Your location reminds me of Maui!