Monday, 28 January 2013

Burda 08-2011-130 shorts repeat, flood report and stash confession


Thank you to the people who sent me emails and left comments about our possible dampness. We are just fine, having a house well above flood level and being quite used to floods in this area (The media are reporting "Highest flood" rubbish, leading to panic amongst relatives, but really, this is not the highest flood for our region even in the 14 and a bit years we have been living here! It was a bit of a surprise to have 76 hours of heavy rain after 3 months without a drop, but we are dry other than a little seepage directly from the heavy rain driving under the doors, have plenty of milk (so far) and my son is thrilled to be starting his school year, tomorrow, with a day off. I wish I could use that excuse too ;)

 Above is my daughter modelling her new shorts in front of the cross street at the bottom of our hill, where there is usually a tiny creek running under the road.
Our main river is 20m above its normal level, which cuts us off from all other towns in all directions, but most of the residents live on high ground.

These shorts are the same pattern as the ones I posted yesterday, Burda Style 08-2011-130, again in stretch cotton denim, this time the fabric is from Gardams, Indooropilly, purchased June 2012, specifically for a pleated skirt. ;)

I noticed when I was in Brisbane a week or so ago that Gardams has now closed at this location. I hope it has just  moved a bit, rather than shut up in this suburb.

 Stashbusting scraps with bias binding seam finish and waistband

The  shorts again have a waistband pocket and are lined and seam bound with quilting cotton.
Having a few oddly shaped pieces of fabric remaining, shorts taking less than a pleated skirt, I was very pleased when daughter the second expressed great admiration of this pair and whipped her up a pair too before she could consider whether or not she was too old to match her sister.




Her pair does not have a waistband pocket (that is the whipping up bit) and somehow the fastening has drifted to the opposite side, but it is important to have variety amongst the clothing of siblings for laundry sorting purposes. (Good excuse, hey!)
There are now no garment sized pieces remaining of this fabric.
This is just as well.
Yesterday afternoon my husband kindly put reinforcing strips at the front of the shelves in my sewing cupboard, as for some strange reason, completely unrelated to the contents, the shelves were bowing.

This woodworking repair involved removing everything from the cupboard, and in the return to the cupboard, which took most of today, I shifted nearly all (well there are only a few rolls  in the sewing room now) of the other fabric that had distributed itself around the house all into one place.
It was a little tricky to fit it all in.


This stashbusting sewalong may have started in the nick of time for me.

If you missed last post I am giving away some children's patterns and pattern magazines - (having only one boy child still to clothe) there is still time to add your name to the hat.


Carol said...

I have several pairs of shorts made from a free Burda download - Ruby shorts I think. The pattern is similar and has a cute little pocket on the front which just fits my ipod perfectly, I discovered this week. Mine, however, do not have gorgeous bound seams like these.

Janine said...

Those shorts are so cute and you obviously had lots of fun with the seam finishes and used up more stash to boot. And talking about your stash I think I can still see a few gaps to fit more fabric in. ( did you keep the scraps from the shorts though Karen?) PS glad you are safe from the floods - Down my part of the world the bushfires are still going - would love a little bit of your rain.

Summer Flies said...

Those shorts are very flattering. All pairs look great.
Glad you are not washed away but busy reducing your stash. I got sandbags for my parent's house today and even though I am only 1 klm away, I am completely worry free. I'm sad for those who are going through this again so soon.

Sewing Sveta said...

Nice stash!%))

fabric epiphanies said...

Nice shorts. You have been busy. I have been avoiding sewing not because I don't want to but January has been too hot to sew and I have been enjoying swimming with the kids before they go back to school. I am pleased to hear you are high and dry.

Allison said...

Those shorts are so cute! Love the previous pair you showed us as well. I supposed being surrounded by water offers a good excuse/reason to spend a little extra time sewing, doesn't it? It seems like not all that long ago you were posting pictures of your town awash. Thank goodness you are high enough up not to be too wet.

Sharon said...

Very cute shorts and glad you are dry.

Carolyn said...

These are both cute! I like the different pastel shades of binding, should assist nicely with laundry sorting, and looks fabulous to boot. If only they could be worn inside out!
And I'm so glad you are ok. I have to confess to not sending a concerned comment previously since I remembered from the previous Qld floods that you mentioned then you were in a high spot. Said on the news last night that Qld has received half of Perth's yearly rainfall in just the past 24 hrs.... unbelievable, right?
Your stash is as scary as mine is.... ;)

velosewer said...

Great shorts. They both look pretty cool to me:))

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Dang, those are so gorgeous on the inside! Nothing I make looks that pretty inside, not even fancy stuff. I love that they will still wear matching shorts, if only for photos!

Joy said...

Lovely and well-fitting shorts- I'm glad they're not too old to match!

I remember your flood photos from last year!

I'm surprised your fabric shelves were bowing. I suppose they were warping upwards from too little fabric? hehe