Thursday, 9 May 2013

Save! Excellent knit interfacing tip to the rescue

Sewing doldrums occur when you make something, and no matter how well it has turned out, the reception is less than ideal.


You know I just showed you this t shirt, but I have more to say about it.

I had a terrible suspicion that this excellent and creatively satisfying garment was destined for a life on the floor of the wardrobe under a wet towel, being stigmatized as ITCHY, a word that ranks very highly in the clothing rejection stakes.

However, the sewing world is so helpful, that two very clever readers, Shannon of MushyWear and StephA of escapades in sewing,suggested that knit interfacing might help.


It was ridiculously simple (knit tricot interfacing from FashionSewingSupply) and, unlike much other sewing type activity, could be carried out by a seamstress with a broken thumb.

The new ranking is "it feels Okay now"

This, dear readers, is a wild success. I should tell you all my problems......


Anonymous said...

Big smiley face here!

Vicki said...

So it wasn't your creativity he was rejecting! That's good. Clever readers to the rescue.

liza jane said...

Lol! I would consider that a success then!

Steph A said...

I'm glad to hear the knit interfacing saved the top! I love the ripped look! But your thumb?!! Broken?

RebeccaHoward said...

Great save and such a great top. Love it.

katherine h said...

I don't like the sound of that broken thumb...hope it mends quickly.

Sharon said...

So glad you had success with the knit interfacing! What is this a broken thumb, ouch!