Monday, 12 August 2013

Good Intentions lead to

I was really keen to post my sad/happy story about my coat, and very grateful for all the emphathetic responses. Thank you.
Because I was so keen to talk all about myself, I displayed my bad blogging  manners by posting about my coat anyway, although I really should have made another post first.

 Winnie aka Scruffy Badger asked me all about my desert island sewing pattern choices - so kind of her. Winnie makes such lovely, fun clothes, runs in her hand made gear with bows, and has great imagination in her photos - she is so famous that a shop sends her fabric to sew and blog about. Clearly a very clever shop.
 I was very flattered, but in the process of looking for photos of my TNT makes, discovered that I have not been sewing much recently from these excellent patterns
This inspired me to make a cunning plan - I would give myself  the job of making up all of these patterns, within 12 months of the post publication, and announce this to the internet sewing police for accountability purposes when the post went up.
However, I wanted to start with pattern 9 on the list, Burda Style 04-2009-101, an a line skirt, which I started this weekend, just after I finished my coat, and very soon after Winnie told me the post was being published.
In normal circumstances, this would mean I finished the skirt on the weekend and could attach it to my Thanks for the invitation to the desert island post in a timely manner.
Guess what, under some very soon visitor pressure, I have sugar soaped and half painted my hallway instead, and I am sure you don't want photos of that.

so Thank you Winnie, for allowing me to talk about my  forced pattern minimalism choices in your Desert Island Series. It was very difficult to choose. I may have had to visit my pattern collection and pet them for a while after thinking about missing most of them.......


Nanna said...

Iknow what you mean about no time for sewing, I've been so busy it makes me wantta sew so bad I could scream lol! which I may be doing soon as I've signed up for a cape/coat challenge which is due in a few weeks lol! Happy sewing to you!

Clio said...

What a fun and clever idea to sew up your desert island inspired set! I thought all your choices were spot-on!