Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Parfait for day

I greatly admire the Colette Parfait dress - I've been wearing my three versions for several summers now, and the two remaining versions are looking rather old and at-home-only.


You might think that getting this pattern out would result in a new dress for me, which was my intention at the time, but unfortunately, I think I will never be able to make  myself a dress from this excellent pattern again as I have used it unwisely.


It looks even better on my daughter.


This is size nothing(O) taken in at the waist and with a little shoulder strap reduction. (It also has a 1/4 circle skirt instead of Colette's A line but you probably noticed that).
Originally, this frock was a quick rough toile of the bodice, there being no calico to hand, but as there was plenty of this quilting cotton about, somehow it turned into a complete dress, with a lined bodice and no couture techniques at all. It was very quick to construct and very flattering to an hourglass figure.

I particularly admire the sufficiently wide straps and perfectly placed back bodice for bra coverage, something rather difficult to come by in most sundresses.


She likes it very much, but not enough for more photos. I will definitely be requiring more photographs of the next version. Hint, it's silk!, very exciting sewing.


shams said...

Wow, what a lovely dress on a lovely young lady. Yes, you used this very unwisely, indeed. ;)

Summer Flies said...

Oh it does look good on your beautiful daughter. Lucky her, and it's still hot enough!

liza jane said...

Gorgeous! This makes me want to dig up my copy of the pattern. So lovely!

velosewer said...

This is a lovely pattern. I agree about the wide straps too. Waiting patiently for your silk version :)

Sharon said...

Lovely dress for daughter and the silk version is for ?

Allison said...

This is indeed a lovely dress and it fits your daughter perfectly. Another beautiful make.

Joy said...

It's really lovely and suits your daughter. But yes, I think you need another version yourself (: