Saturday, 22 March 2014

Burda Style shirt 02-2010-106 : Desert Island sewing

It is fortunate that I gave myself a full year to sew my desert island patterns, as I've only just finished the second garment from my list, and my deadline is the end of August.
This one is almost ideal for a desert island garment, see me with my escape paddle?


The shirt is from Burda Style Feb 2010, where it is offered in several versions,with differing sleeve and hem lengths, one of them being a tunic length shirt worn in the photo shoot as a dress. My almost tunic version has rather a lot of added width (I must have been feeling plump when I cut it out) both at the side seams and in an added back pleat, as this shirt is intended to be worn as an overgarment, to keep me out of the sun, and a loose garment tends to be cooler to wear than something more fitted.
The fabric is a light voile from Spotlight (2010), trimmed with a shirting cotton from Michael's Fabrics/A Fabric Place.

I do like this shirt pattern, but on reflection, this is not as versatile pattern as I thought when I put it on my desert island list. My earlier version, in cotton seersucker, fits more closely due to the nature of the fabric, but this version is rather unflatteringly boxy - not really a problem for a beach cover up, but not what I want to wear in other circumstances. I plan to hunt out another Burda shirt pattern with more darts, and waist shaping that I do not have to add myself.

I have added a few details to keep myself happy in my camping clothes - contrast inner cuffs, with the plackets made to David Page Coffin specifications, and the contrast extending to form a hem trim on the outer side of the cuffs,


a contrast front placket and inner collar stand,

a contrast tab to reinforce the pleat, a contrast undercollar


I've worn this quite a bit over summer, so it wasn't such a bad selection after all. However, my pattern fickleness has struck, and I currently have no interest in sewing this very useful shirt again in the immediate future. I would like another shirt pattern, with a few different details, that I will have to fit all over again. Who said sewing had to be sensible and time efficient? ;)

Stashbusting statistics, around 2 m of 2010 cotton voile


Sue said...

This is a very pretty sun shirt. I am interested to see which shirt pattern you use next. I find the Burda shirts have very little in the ways of darts and shaping.

colesworth said...

Gorgeous. I don't remember seeing that lovely voile at spotlight, love the contrast you used with it ;o)

a little sewing said...

nope, can't worry about efficiency - one must sew that the mojo demands. Your shirt is really special with the shirting trim!!

Sharon said...

A lot of people would love a camp shirt that was that gorgeous, beautiful fabric and the contrast is perfect.

Joy said...

The fabric is gorgeous and makes for a lovely shirt, boxy or not. As for searching out new patterns...dying of boredom is not efficient either, so we must have a balance, right?