Saturday, 17 May 2014

Self drafted trousers Mark 1

I have always scoffed at articles that say things like "trace off your best fitting RTW trousers" because no RTW trousers have fit me since I was 13 years old.
However, I am still wearing to work a pair of RTW trousers that I bought in January 2008. These required 2.5 hours of alterations (which I didn't get around to until 2010) and started me on the decision to never buy trousers again, but actually are clearly  not so bad (considering that I loathe sewing trousers for myself) - once altered, that is. I really like the wide side buttoning yoke, which I keep looking for in my Burda magazines, but have not come across yet, so I had to eat my words and trace over my RTW trousers to try to replicate them (unsurprisingly, despite being an iron-like poly blend, they are finally getting a bit worse for wear.


Clearly that is not me in those trousers. I cunningly cut them out from some truly ancient fabric (purchased under duress (that would be me under duress) from a fierce elderly lady of my acquaintance who knows both that I sew and that I am incapable of saying no) that was full of moth holes. (Lincraft brand wool - that shows you how old it must be!)
The cutting out involved careful moth hole avoidance, and did not allow very large seam allowances. The trousers fit me quite well considering these limitations, but did not exactly allow room for anything so inelegant as the physical demands of my job, so I remade them for someone more slender. They do not fit perfectly, but neither of us care very much. They Will Do (clinical wardrobe requirements for Uni are now up to 3 days a week, and one of the tutors does not approve of skirts for some strange reason)


The recipient did not like the waistband buttoning near the side seam, so I shortened it, but she wanted the buttons left for decoration. OK, anything really, to get these out of my sewing room. I was pleased that I had cut them extra long and was still able to do a blind hem.
The trousers are lined with imperial batiste, and fortuitously, co-ordinate beautifully with her previous work wardrobes.
I have cut out a new pair for myself from non-motheaten fabric with bigger seam allowances :).

Stashbusting statistics, approximately 2m of 30 + year old wool fabric (guestimate, I've had it for about 5 years) and 2.5 m of cotton batiste} No scraps other than those in the bin, yay!


Lyndle said...

Well done. And don't you hate those people who know you can't say no?
These look good on your daughter!

Summer Flies said...

I really like the wide band and the off centre buttons.I wonder why no skirts? Your daughter is lucky to get a great wardrobe that keeps growing! I recall owning some like this many years ago also. Boy 30 year old fabric... I have some from my Mum and I remember she bought it at Bayards!

colesworth said...

I must make some more trousers too! My first pair were done this year after seeing those burda side button shorts you made your daughter ;o)

Sew, Jean Margaret said...

Love the wide waistband.

velosewer said...

I'll say it again- you're a good Mum.

Carolyn said...

I love that wide waistband and the off centre buttons and wide legs are interesting and very flattering. Would you make me some too? haha, just joking! ;) Although I do really want to see you make a pair for yourself :)

Janine said...

Perfect for clinical placements especially being comfy and having pockets. I am curious what you do and your daughter is studying. Medicine or physio are my guesses. I suppose aging allows one to practice the art of persuasion !

Sue said...

well done on drafting a pattern from RTW! They look great and I look forward to seeing your pair.