Saturday, 14 June 2014

Work wardrobe miss, Burda Style 03-2012-122 Long cardigan

was making a long line cardigan to throw on over my new work clothes for the walk there and back, which can be a bit chilly (for wimpy persons who are used to hot weather). I was very taken with the lovely knit jackets Sew Jean Margaret wore during Me Made May, hence the plan, but alas, my knit cardigan does not look very good with my work clothes. My cardigan is unfortunately reminiscent of a bathrobe, when worn over trousers and a business shirt, so initially I was fairly unpleased with this project.


 I do like it though, over a knit dress for wearing on the weekend, so all is well!

 The pattern is from Burda Style, 03-2012-122, and I've made it before (the alterations are described in the earlier post), in a very fine gauze merino knit - it was terrific for travelling, rolling up to next-to-nothing, but the gauze did not hold up very well to regular wear and ended up being turned into a wildly successful scarf.

technical drawing from
This time I used a fine, but not gauze, merino knit, again from The Fabric Store and I think this slightly more robust fabric will hold up a bit better. However, it seems significantly more stretchy than the previous version, and has ended up oversized, despite some drastic reducing action at the side seams.
What I like about it particularly, is that although not magically slimming from behind, it is far more shapely than most long-line knit cardigans in this view, due to the darts and waistline shaping.


As in my last version, I have reinforced several seams (waistline, neckline) with clear elastic, and the shoulder seams are reinforced with woven selvage.
The tie bands are rolled sections of the knit.
It is just as comfortable as a bathrobe.

stashbusting statistics, about 1.5m of merino knit, 2013


Sharon said...

Agree it is a much nicer silhouette than with your trousers and the view from the back is far more flattering than my Simplicity 2603.

Dilliander said...

This looks very lovely layered over your dress and the colours are gorgeous together.

Sew, Jean Margaret said...

This is such a lovely flattering shaped cardigan. Looks fabulous with your knit dress. Thanks too, for the mention in your post.

Summer Flies said...

I agree with all the others. I love the two colours together and I think it gives a lovely silhouette. I remember the first one and have always loved that pattern but I just can't wear this long cardigans.

Carolyn said...

I love your whole outfit, the longline layers look gorgeous, and these softer colours are lovely on you. I read your kind comments on artisan's square, thank you so much for those nice words. That meant a lot to me :)