Thursday, 12 June 2014


Thank you for all the kind comments re everyday sewing. It is reassuring to read that other people like to see real life clothes!
My latest project was very quick, easy and pleasing.


I had some scraps left over from my latest work blouse, and thought I'd try the free Sorbetto pattern from Colette patterns. I am possibly the last sewing blogger to try this, but was a bit put off by comments from some curvaceous persons who found this unflattering, so had it lying around in the sewing room waiting for the right remnants.
Well, it is just perfect on a slim teenager, even if she has an hourglass figure.
Size 0, with the sleeves from Sew Incidentally, not even scaled down to a 0 (the sleeve is about a 6), and with no adjusting of allegedly incompatible seam allowances. I told you it was quick and easy! (I think it took about an hour to cut out and sew)

I was actually inspired to make this by  SusanKPs pretty blouse in her latest 6pac. I didn't use her good idea of  mid section gathering, but used the pleat in the pattern.
As I had to cut the front out in two sections, with a joining seam, I used a machine embroidery feather stitch in a hopefully disguising manner along this seam, and also used this stitch to embellish the neckline binding.


The hem is bound as well, as the top is actually for my older daughter, who is not only taller than daughter the second (there wasn't a lot of fabric left), but lives mostly in Brisbane, a few hundred km away, so can afford to introduce the same fabrics as her mother wears into her wardrobe, as no one will ever see her mother.
Now I am under strict instructions to make a second one for this particular model, or maybe 3 or 4?
Stashbusting statistics - about a metre of remnant cotton. The benefits of sewing size 0!


Sew, Jean Margaret said...

Very cute top. Well done to make this work from limited fabric and your embellishments make it extra special.And you are not the last one to sew this pattern. I have it in my pattern stash but have yet to try it.

sewing spots said...

That top turned out really well! It's practically instant gratification.

I've never made the Sorbetto either:(

Summer Flies said...

No you are not the last...I haven't made it but I don't think the boxiness would suit me. I love it on Daughter no 2. The fabric is perfect for that style bIouse also love the featherstitch and vow to find something to embellish with it.

Megan said...

Super cute, especially with the added sleeves! I think I need to find someone size 0 to sew for so that i can use up my fabric scraps, too ;)

liza jane said...

Very cute! You always do such cool things with your decorative stitches. I love the feather stitch on the binding.

fabric epiphanies said...

Actually, I think this top is anything but boxy which is why I like it! It is perfect for women with waists and hips which is probably why it looks so good on your daughter! Are you convinced enough to try your own version?

Sharon said...

Very cute top and I've still got to make mine so you aren't the last.