Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Wardrobe balance + BWOF 01-2008-107 shirt, self drafted trousers

Me-made-May seems to have a subtitle in the reflection posts. Is what you sew, what you wear? I wear what I sew, but unfortunately, at times, this is boring in the sewing phase. It is a bad thing when you find your own blog and your favourite hobby rather dull. I hope this will pass! I am keeping it real. Sewing is not just pretty things for self (or daughter) adornment. Wardrobe building is not very exciting, but it needs to be done if you are anti fast-fashion or don't fit RTW. How to do it well, without excess expense, and in a minimal number of garments is endlessly interesting in theory. See this thread and its precursors.
I like a blog with shiny new patterns and endless party outfits as much as the next person, but my real life includes lots of clothes for work, exercise outfits for middle aged persons, and t shirts for the conservative 11 year old male. If sewing was just a hobby for me, I could be a dilettante, but fortunately for my budget, sewing has practical aspects around here.
I find it interesting, in the Me-Made-May round ups, that several people have said they have too many clothes, but still find it hard to find things to wear every day. I think Mikhaela sums it up very nicely here. Too many lovely clothes that aren't worn much, and not enough every day clothes that meet practical needs.
Of course, this could mean that we don't dress up enough in everyday life, despite having more options that the non sewing majority.
Clio says that nearly everyone wears a dress to the sewing meet ups,and wonders why. I guess that depends on your climate and lifestyle. I wear dresses for most of the year - but not to work.
Rachel of House of Pinhero says 65% of the clothes she's sewn are dresses.
I think I'll write down what type of clothing I wear the most, and see if I can balance my sewing with my wardrobe needs. This sounds a little like Carolyn's project where she sketched everything she wore for a year (such an organised lady, I'm in awe of her sewing and artistic skills), but I will not be sketching.
Here are more everyday clothes, that I needed a sew-a- long and self persuasion techniques to sew instead of something more interesting.


Blouse 01-2008-107 again, in a subdued Mumsy floral - possibly the floral is pushing the professional boundaries at work, floral has so little gravitas, but it is inoffensive. Hopefully the business-like shape of the shirt balances the prettiness.
There is some more business-like stripe on the inside of the (narrowed) collar stand and in the cuffs, but there wasn't enough for the plackets.
 Worn with Self drafted Useful trousers for work
Why are work clothes so boring to sew?
I'll like wearing these much better than I would like shopping for  or wearing ill fitting ugly work clothes, I just have to convince myself that this is what I want to make. Really.

Stashbusting statistics: About 1.5m of mid weight cotton woven, provenance forgotten, but a few years old


Juliet said...

Well I think you work clothes are lovely and "very you". I too have few "gala occasions" so like to see good clothes to suit ordinary life. Please continue to feature real world clothing to give inspiration and ideas. All your recent items have been really appealing.

Summer Flies said...

Firstly a very pretty shirt, I'm sure people get a glimpse of that stripe and think, "She's fun but business too!"

I too have lots of nice dresses and nowhere to wear them most often. I need everyday clothes for my "at home mum looking for work" lifestyle and I should start making some business/office wear to get ready for when I do work. I think I need a fitting course so that I can not be discouraged after I make something and it fits poorly. Great discussion Karen.

fabric epiphanies said...

I am the opposite. I rarely wear dresses in the weekend, preferring shorts and jeans depending on the season. During the working week I prefer dresses. I think this is probably because I am not a morning person and a dress means I don't have to coordinate tops and skirts or bottoms. I find I wear 90 percent of what I make on regular rotation which is why I don't make lots of evening appropriate dresses or buy heels often. Me Made May is certainly a great exercise in taking stock of what is worn regularly.

What sort of work do you do that a floral shirt is considered flamboyant? I think it is lovely and would be completely work appropriate in my neck of the woods.

Sew, Jean Margaret said...

I don't think there is anything boring about sewing our everyday clothes. You have been making some lovely garments lately. Your floral blouse is gorgeous and I think those pants with the wide waistband are very flattering.

Janine said...

I too basically sew what I wear although I would love to sew lots of silk, lace fancy clothing it would just gather dust and be a waste.

Megan said...

I really enjoy all of your posts on your work clothes and am so impressed by your thoughtful sewing/wardrobe planning. I started sewing because I knew what I wanted to wear and I couldn't find it in stores (at least not in my size). I wanted to make functional and comfortable things that I could wear every day, and I think I've done a pretty good job of it so far, though my work wear is super casual compared to yours. I mostly make knit dresses, leggings, and tees to wear with RTW jeans (I haven't gotten up the nerve for jeans sewing yet). I actually don't really enjoy reading the blogs full of party dresses or extravagant one-time use items, I find myself rolling my eyes and saying "when will she ever wear that"! Of course, I do enjoy reading about the occasional fancy sewing project, especially when there are things to be learned about construction and different fabrics!

Clio said...

I don't find you blouse to be too pretty for work or mummsy at all. One of the things about your sewing that I like very much is that you always seem to finish garments with pretty or fun details, like a contrast facing or placket. I think it helps make what might be an everyday garment something that is special. And I've really enjoyed seeing the capsule wardrobes you've created for your daughters.

I don't really see any of my sewing as being "everyday" - if I'm not excited about it, it just doesn't get sewn. But I do wear my sewn garments all the time. For me, its about styling them in a way that works in my life, and giving myself permission to overdress when I want to.

Sewtime said...

Count me as a another who loves reading about your practical sewing! I find your posts very inspiring.

Sewingelle said...

Me too. I love your everyday posts. I sew most of my clothes too, and party dresses are a very occasional diversion from the basics.

BeaJay said...

Your everyday clothes are lovely and I would be so happy to be able to sew such nice garments (buttons and buttonholes, zippers)..

I know what you are saying though. I am going to attempt to go through a sewing neutrals to balance the rainbow of colours in my wardrobe.

The most important thing is to come out with wearable clothes.

Sharon said...

Lovely blouse and I think it will be perfect for work but then I work in a much more casual situation.

I sew what I wear as well and find it is mainly separates instead of dresses. There is nothing boring sewing basics we can still admire and covet that pattern.

Paola said...

I'd like to chime in and say I don't find your everyday wear posts boring - quite the opposite, and your interpretations and the details you include always give me food for thought.
Personally, I'm in an interesting place with regard to everyday - or work - wear. I could easily wear trackies to work, and no one would look twice. I don't though, but casual basics are definitely the go, which don't make the ideal blog fodder. Still, I much prefer to make these items I wear a lot, as they will fit and feel much better than anything I will buy.