Monday 16 March 2015

No inseam! Steeplechase exercise leggings

I pattern test for Melissa at Fehr Trade.That's my disclaimer about these exercise bottoms, as my testing pattern was free to me.


A good thing about pattern testing, is that it makes you sew,. You might have noticed that there has been a long blogging pause here. I have sewn a bit over the past few months, but increasing time demands in my real life have led to blog writing neglect and also blog reading and commenting neglect. Thank you to the lovely people who sent blog-missing messages. I hope to post more regularly again now, things have calmed down elsewhere!

 Melissa has a 10% off coupon at her post about these. Excuse me for gushing, but her latest pattern is possibly my favourite yet (although I have a soft spot for the VNA top, more about the new ones later)
There is no inseam in these leggings.
Not only does this completely eliminate chafing (for me, in running, your mileage may vary), but there is very flattering curvy seaming everywhere else.
There are only minor fitting changes for these for my daughters (an XXS and an XS).
My main problem was working out how to draw attention to the very cool, curvy seaming.

One  pair has contrasting coverstitch (the pair in the top photo). This looks fine, but not sufficiently bold for my taste in exercise gear.



This pair has stretch knit "piping" (I just folded over the fabric, no cord) in red cotton knit with lycra, and I was so pleased with the effect that I made the next pair just the same, but with purple. I had to hand baste the crotch seam where the "piping" meets to have it line up nicely, but otherwise this was an easy addition to the pattern.


All of the pairs for daughters are taken in at the waist - for one daughter by actually doing some fitting changes, which were included in the pattern instructions, and for the other by just having a smaller elastic circumference at the waist.
I also made myself 2 pairs (S). My pair needed enlargement at the backside and taking in at the waist, but no surprises there, this is what I usually do for trousers - usually more painfully.
All the versions I made are at the capri length. There is a "biker" length above the knee, and a full length version also included in the pattern.
I used a heavy supplex woven called "Titanium" for all the leggings. I bought it at Stretchtex. I used a walking foot and a stretch needle in construction on my conventional machine, with a narrow 3 step zigzag.
Steeplechase Leggings

 This is a unique and interesting pattern,that was quick to sew, providing beautifully practical and, of their type,flattering garments, and making these has really fired up my sewing mojo. What more can you ask from a pattern?


Allison said...

Welcome back! I've really missed your posts which I always enjoy. You've done a great job with these leggings and I really like the way you've accentuated the seams.

katherine h said...

These look really professional. I like both the coverstitch effect and the piping.

velosews said...

Nice to see you again. I adore the versions you made. All of them.

Scruffybadger said...

Oh wow! I LOVE your contrasting piping, and the coverstitching also looks fabulous. I agree, this pattern is incredible, I love them and am already considering making more....they are so comfortable and quick to sew. Win win!

Vicki said...

These all look great!

tinyjunco said...

oh what fun, stylish, and practical leggings! and at three lengths - hooray!

"What more can you ask from a pattern?" Really! i love it when this happens. It's one of the big reasons i'm getting such a kick out of these young women putting out new and useful designs - it's a treat to get a new perspective on sewing and to watch the next generation taking up the torch.

Lucky daughters of yours as well! It's particularly nice to see the varying levels of contrast you've achieved in this group of leggings, the design holds up quite nicely with all 3 treatments.

Looking forward to see more of your blogging, steph

Kyle said...

LOVE the piping! LOVE IT!

Funkbunny said...

I bought this pattern and after seeing your versions am even more excited about sewing it up!! quick q: what width binding did you use?

Sue said...

Great looking pants! I need to make a long pant for Winter and am tossing up between this one and one by Stylearc. Decisions!!

Sharon said...

Interesting how the sewing mojo is reignited. The tights looks fantastic and I really like the way you have used the piping.

kbenco said...

Thanks everyone for these kind comments. I've made another 2 pairs to replace the inner shorts in my Jalie exercise shorts too. I think the pattern is addictive.
Funkybunny, the mock piping is 1 and 1/4 inches wide, folded in half widthwise and lined up with the raw edge of the legging pieces, sewn at 1cm seam allowance as per the pattern. (I had some neckband binding pieces lying around)

Gail said...

Such a clever design. When I need to retire my current store bought running pants - I'll be making these.

Carolyn said...

Thee look really great! I've seen a few of this pattern made up and I'm seriously tempted. The pattern piece looks so very interesting :)

fabric epiphanies said...

I really like the design lines in these. You have done a great job!

Joy said...

These are great. I agree the curved seams are quite flattering, especially with the "piping". At first I was thinking I'd never heard of stretch piping, but I guess you created it!

Gianna Blake said...

Hey! These designer leggings are really looking good. Thanks, for sharing the review. It was definitely needed. I am looking for such leggings as I am planning to start working out. It’s good that you sorted out my problem. I would love to buy these for myself.