Friday, 5 December 2014

Prosaic sewing, boy's pyjamas, Burda Style 02-2013-146

Not so long ago, I went to a sewing social event, Frocktails, with the Brisbane Spoolettes. I thoroughly enjoyed this evening, despite my usual introvert inclinations, but being recognized by my blog, although highly flattering, was also a bit strange, particularly as the impressions people hold about my life from my blog are not quite what I expected. For instance, apparently in the blogsphere, my offspring are my 2 daughters, who sometimes are only 1 daughter.

 Just for the record, here is my poor sewing neglected son, in one of his favourite photo poses - headlessly unidentifiable. No wonder he has a limited virtual presence.

 These are some of his thrilling new pyjama shorts, made from recycled business shirts. This particular pair are made from a custom shirt I made for my husband (who also may or may not exist in my blog identity, according to my Frocktail sources) The other 2 pairs are mostly composed of fabric sourced from purchased shirts. My husband is very fond of luxurious shirts. One of the shirts was made from gorgeous Italian cotton, far too nice to throw out just because the collars had become shabby, and the other is a boring regulation cotton chambray. I sort of used the trousers pattern from Burda Style 02-2013 (146)


I eliminated the front pockets, the pleats, the darts, the back welt pocket, the fly and made my own waistband, but the crotch curve may still be the same ;)  For the first pair (pictured) I added a draw string to the elastic in the waist, but I was told this was an unecessary detail.

These trousers run to a size 158, which is not terribly common for Burda, smaller boy sizes are much more common. I cut the fronts of the shorts from the sleeves (size 12 boy, size large shirt) and the backs of the shorts from the fronts or back and front of the shirt. There were a few shirt backs left over - these have been used for the waistband of the shorts and also as the lining for a hat. The much washed cotton is beautifully soft for both these purposes.

 Woven cotton sleepwear is far superior to any knit things or poly wovens you can buy for the subtropics. Sewing is so useful. That was my mantra. I had to keep telling myself how thrifty and useful I was being the whole time I sewed these.


My son, despite his overall lack of interest in clothing other than for practical purposes, is quite particular about how his clothing feels. I have used flat felled seams throughout the main part of the shorts, and enclosed all other seams. Hopefully this will give the pyjamas frequent use and some longevity. You may notice that they are perhaps a tad large, this is also for longevity. I have heard that growing out of all their clothes overnight is an issue with 12 year old boys

Making pyjamas should give me a very good excuse for some sewing frivolity, but not just yet. I am in deadline December, despite telling myself I would not sew any presents for Christmas this year. Apparently my nieces feel that I have to live up to my reputation as the sewing Auntie!


fabric epiphanies said...

What a great idea! I wonder if my own fussy son would wear pants made from his fathers shirts. Btw The Remnant Warehouse have some lovely Italian cotton shirting at the moment.

Lyndle said...

Well, obviously your frocktailers don't pay close enough attention to your blog, because I knew you had two daughters (one at medical school or something like that who needs a clinical practice wardrobe) and a son. You have posted things you've sewn for him, in living memory. I think you've even made your husband some things. Anyway, great pjs, and nice use of those classy shirt fabrics.

Anonymous said...

That is some alteration of a pattern! Hardly recognisable. But the PJs (which of course are long pants on the whole over here) are beautiful and certainly nice enough to wear out. It is interesting that your son is particular only about the feel of the garment where girls will certainly put up with discomfort (eg high heels) in my experience.

cidell said...

I think I knew you had a son. But, if asked, I also would have said two daughters and one husband :-D

Sewingelle said...

They are nice looking pjs. My son is particular about how things feel too. And has been since a toddler.

Sharon said...

I would never thought to make the shorts out of a shirt or two and that fabric sounded far too nice.

Quite a few of us know you have a husband, 2 daughters and a son and at time they have all appeared here even if headless.

Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year.