Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Jalie exercise skirt 2796 with Fehr Trade Steeplechase leggings

I made these exercise clothes just before the weather got too hot here to wear an exercise skirt with inbuilt leggings and promptly forgot to write about them, but yesterday, when I got out my clothing for colder weather, these went into my wardrobe too, so I thought I'd give them a mention.

The outside skirt is the terrific Jalie running skirt, made to the length of the largest size, because I have middle aged legs.
However, although I've made several of these skirts (mostly for my daughters), I've never been content with the inner shorts.
Previous skirt here  .
I don't seem to have mentioned the three or four other skirts, but they exist!

 The included Jalie  shorts pattern is only one piece, with no outer seam, and quite frankly, for my build, they are incredibly uncomfortable for running. My daughters are not big fans of this particular exercise shorts pattern either. Having no outer leg seam gives a lot of work to both the centre body seam and the inner leg seam, neither of which are in places that cope well with severe pulling during vigorous activity.

Melissa's Steeplechase leggings to the rescue.
These leggings have no outer leg seam either, but they do have other seams, into which one can insert some backside room, and best of all, no inner leg seam, so no chafing!

I've raved  written about these leggings previously, at some length, so I won't repeat myself.
Just so you know, I don't use any other leggings patterns for running anymore.
I attached the leggings, with an appropriate amount of the upper edge removed, to the skirt using the instructions in the Jalie pattern. The waistband is from the Jalie pattern.
The main fabric is strechtex titanium, a technical knit, (sourced directly from the manufacturer, Stretchtex) and the contrast fabric is a knit supplex.
 The top is another of Melissa's patterns, the VNA top, previously mentioned here


katherine h said...

Great workout wear! Good combination of patterns. I find my Jalie skirt hot but I do love the pockets.

Sue said...

Looks good with the longer leggings. I love the Jalie skort and don't have an issue with the shorts part, but I don't run any distances. :)

Summer Flies said...

Great looking workout stuff. I love the purple! I am this close to ordering some leggings patterns to make them for my niece as she pays a fortune for some loopy loo brand. I'll wait till she's back in the state.

Fabrickated said...

It's a very flattering outfit Karen, and an interesting one. I wear old school running shorts with integral knickers as I don't want to wear underwear when I run. I shy away from the leggings look as I don't have beautiful thighs either and I find them unnecessarily long. As well as disguising leg shape the shorts allow air cooling. However you have cracked the longer running shorts by pairing them with a cute skirt. I like the look very much especially how you have got the contrast from the VNA vest into the skirt. Sure thing!

SewCraftyChemist said...

This really looks great, and professional!!

Sharon said...

Very professional looking running skirt/leggings and great colour combination.